Collaboration to Provide Life Stage Information (LSI) Solution for Financial Institutions, Enabling Appropriate Marketing at Each Stage of the Customer Lifecyle

TokyoThe four companies Telephony Direct Co., Ltd., Advantec Co., Ltd., Sumisei Computer Service Co., Ltd., and SAP Japan Co., Ltd. today announced that the companies will collaborate in the provision and sale to financial institutions of “Life Stage Information (LSI),” a solution that supports marketing activities at each stage of the customer lifecycle.

Issues faced by marketing managers at financial institutions

Due to such factors as deregulation and extensive M&A, the financial sector is changing drastically. In order to expand their customer base while maintaining customer loyalty, financial institutions need to improve their customer data. Rather than conventional customer data, such as simple customer profiles based on gender, age, and occupation or value of transactions, institutions need to obtain information with more real-life significance, such as lifestyle, choice of financial services, and attitude toward asset building.

What is LSI?

This collaboration by the four companies Telephony Direct Co., Ltd., Advantec Co., Ltd., Sumisei Computer Service Co., Ltd., and SAP Japan Co., Ltd. is intended to resolve the above issues faced by financial institutions. With the LSI solution, a database is created using various types of profile information received from ordinary consumers, such as questionnaire responses. Based on each customer’s life stage and values, such as perception of financial services and attitude toward asset building, customers are classified into appropriate segments. By utilizing LSI, managers at financial institutions can gain a much more accurate knowledge of individual customers, and through appropriate segmentation, can develop new marketing campaigns.

How the LSI solution will be provided

The LSI concept was created by Telephony Direct, which has an extensive track record in operational consulting for call centers and other aspects of marketing support for financial institutions. For LSI, SAP Japan is supplying SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SAP BW (Business Information Warehouse), and SAP EP (Enterprise Portal). Sumisei Computer Service has developed databases based on the LSI concept and report templates, and also has made new settings to integrate SAP BW and SAP CRM. Advantec and Sumisei take charge of the role of sales window. This distribution of roles among the four companies enables the provision of service packages that cover everything from business consultation to system installation. Consequently, client companies can purchase all the services they require, from business consultation to system installation and operation, in “one go.”

The four companies aim to begin providing LSI solutions for five client companies, including regional banks, by the end of 2006.