SAP Japan Provides High-Level Support Service to Meet Customers’ Needs

Through SAP Premium Support, SAP adapts to customer demand in Japanese market by reinforcing its services

TokyoSAP Japan Co., Ltd. announced today the start of a new support option, SAP Premium Support.

SAP Japan, based on its customer and market surveys to date, has perceived a high level of awareness among client companies regarding the importance of support, and a corresponding need for even more thoroughgoing support by SAP throughout the entire product lifecycle. As a result of this perception, SAP Japan considered providing SAP Premium Support to enable client companies to continue improving their own core business processes and maximally attain their investment objectives while utilizing current solutions, and to meet the needs of the client companies for SAP Japan’s high-quality support.

SAP Premium Support was developed as an option intermediate between SAP Japan’s standard support service, SAP Standard Support, and SAP MaxAttention, a high-end support service that is customized to meet the unique needs of large businesses. The establishment of these three support services completes SAP’s current support roadmap. Consequently, client companies can select a SAP Japan support service from multiple options in accordance with their needs, regardless of the size and type of their business may be.

The three support services provided by SAP Japan, including SAP Premium Support, are as follows:

SAP Standard Support:
The basic offering from SAP and covers four areas: continuous improvement, quality management, knowledge transfer and issues resolution, while offering SAP Solution Manager and SAP Service Marketplace. SAP offers standard support at 17 percent of the net license fee.

SAP Premium Support:
SAP Premium Support augments SAP Standard Support with individual services and a designated support advisor and is offered at 22 percent of the net license fee. This new service supports continued and effective business operations, building upon SAP Standard Support by adding accelerated issues resolution, annual IT assessments and action plans driven by a support advisor who functions as the single point of contact for all support-related topics.

SAP MaxAttention:
SAP MaxAttention is offered to large enterprise customers whose operations demand mission-critical, customized support. It includes a permanent on-site support team, an executive sponsor and SAP Safeguarding, a service portfolio that manages the risks involved in complex implementation projects. It keeps costs in line and helps ensure the go live date of a robust SAP solution.