SAP Japan and RWD Technologies Japan strengthen collaboration on end-user support, to increase customer satisfaction

RWD Info Pak 5.51 Suite with Simulator shipped as optimal training solution
Business development will center on SAP Japan’s current users

TokyoSAP Japan Co., Ltd. and RWD Technologies Japan Co., Ltd. announced today that they are strengthening their collaboration, with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction among businesses that install SAP products. Accordingly, from March 16, SAP Japan will start to sell RWD Info Pak 5.51 Suite with Simulator, the latest optimal training solution developed by RWD Technologies Japan. This initiative is also part of SAP Japan’s recently announced effort to reinforce its end-user service and expand its partner business.

Through the collaboration, SAP Japan and RWD Technologies Japan aim to sell about 15,000 licenses by the end of 2006. By further enhancing training support for SAP Japan’s current customers through the collaboration, the two companies will enable end-users at current customers to completely understand the capabilities of SAP products and how to use them. This will help such end-users to work more smoothly. RWD Technologies Japan will create a training environment at an early stage, while maximizing the capabilities of RWD Info Pak 5.51 Suite with Simulator. When this training environment is provided, end-users at companies that have installed SAP products can acquire the knowledge they need regarding SAP products and their work, and such information will be continually updated. Through this means, the aim is to create a training environment where companies installing SAP products can utilize as a training portal site for their own end-users, not only during SAP installation projects, but also when the installed systems are in operation.

RWD Info Pak 5.51 Suite with Simulator, which SAP Japan is to provide, consists of RWD Info Pak 5.51 Suite and RWD Info Pak Simulator. RWD Info Pak 5.51 Suite is a support solution for “creating, managing, and publishing” the training documents needed by SAP Japan’s current customers when learning the capabilities of SAP products, and all kinds of documents needed during SAP installation projects. RWD Info Pak Simulator creates simulation files modeled on live environments, providing mock environments for users from the time of SAP installation onward. Using RWD Info Pak 5.51 Suite with Simulator has the following effects:

1. Supporting and expediting SAP installation projects through document creation
2. Speedy creation of high-quality training documents in template form
3. Semi-automatic creation of Web sites to house training documents etc. for shared use by end users
4. Enabling early training of end-users, by providing training content about new systems in an environment almost the same as the real one, from the time of a SAP installation project onward

Through this means, it is possible to create an environment where end-users can make maximal use of SAP products immediately after the system starts operation. This helps to maximize the effect of SAP installation and promote early recovery of the amount invested.

In conjunction with the shipping of the new product, SAP Japan and RWD Technologies Japan are to hold regular seminars on training for end-users at client companies. The seminars are called “SAP End User Training Seminars – Powered by RWD Technologies.” The first such joint seminars will be held on March 22 (Wed) in Tokyo (at SAP Japan’s head office) and April 11 (Tue) in Osaka (at SAP Japan’s West Japan office). For current customers, information about RWD Info Pak 5.51 Suite with Simulator will be provided from tomorrow onward.