“SAP Development Factory” Becomes Fully Operational

TokyoCSK Systems Corporation and BENIC Solution Corporation announced today that SAP Development Factory, their new center for fast, efficient installation of SAP products with ERP packages from SAP Japan Co., Ltd. as the core, has become fully operational.

CSK Systems and BENIC Solution jointly established SAP Development Factory, which has 200 full-time employees, in December 2005. Its purpose is to promote modularization and standardization in the scaling and development of capabilities based on the SAP NetWeaver platform, and to design and develop systems quickly and efficiently, in line with customers’ need to effectively utilize legacy systems and respond to the requirements of individual businesses. SAP Development Factory has now become fully operational, undertaking several new development projects for customers.

SAP Development Factory has service centers in Kobe’s Motomachi and Osaka’s Kitahama, which form part of a network with overseas development centers in Dalian, Shanghai, and Hangzhou. Through this means, development is conducted efficiently, by effectively utilizing human resources in accordance with development requirements, cost constraints, and timelines. In addition, to meet the increasing demand for system development by Japanese businesses aiming to enter the Chinese market, SAP Development Factory promptly installs SAP products (the mySAP Business Suite) at customers’ Chinese branches, by utilizing the three centers in China and templates designed for the Chinese market.

Development staff at each center work through centralized coordination by SAP Development Factory, which is connected directly via a network to customers’ development servers. The scope of their work includes the upstream processes of detailed system design, packaging, stand-alone tests, system requirement definition, and basic design, as well as post-development tests of interconnected systems. Services are also provided at customers’ premises whenever necessary.

Through the starting up of SAP Development Factory, arrangements are in place to enable the acceleration of SAP installation projects, as well as finely tuned maintenance and specification changes after systems go live. In this way, SAP Development Factory will provide solutions, with SAP NetWeaver as the basis, that meet customers’ needs.