SAP Japan Starts to Provide SAP CRM On-Demand in Japan

New on-demand business model meets needs of customers’ sales divisions

TokyoSAP Japan Co., Ltd. announced today that the company will offer SAP CRM On-Demand, which provides mySAP Customer Relationship Management (mySAP CRM) as an on-demand application, to large and midsized businesses, starting today. SAP CRM On-Demand, SAP’s first on-demand product, enables quick installation and upgrading in line with changes in business conditions, through a web-based on-demand model that meets the needs of customers’ sales divisions.

SAP CRM On-Demand enables sales divisions to manage their sales process via the web, by providing applications on demand. The business model of SAP CRM On-Demand, which can be installed in a short period and does not require up-front investment, is designed to meet the requirements of IT divisions and other divisions. SAP CRM On-Demand is intended to resolve the issues faced by sales divisions, such as prompt improvement in customer relations, frequent changes in business conditions, centralized management of customer data, and maintenance of confidentiality. In addition, through data models and business process models in common with mySAP CRM, SAP CRM On-Demand enables seamless, smooth migration to mySAP CRM operated by clients themselves, in line with their future developments in CRM strategy and technical requirements.

For the time being, SAP Japan will provide SFA sales supporting capability, such as customer management and negotiation management, and will provide updated version every quarter. During 2006, SAP Japan plans to add marketing and service capabilities in turn. In addition, SAP Japan will suggest long-term IT strategies for constructing customer management systems, based on enhancement of these capabilities and integration of SAP CRM On-Demand with current systems.

Features of SAP CRM On-Demand
Provides customer management, business negotiation management, activity management and sales analysis capabilities, efficiently manages current and new business projects, and brings the following merits in business.

  1. Enables quick installation and effectiveness through hosting, subscription-type rate model, and user-friendly interface
  2. Enables formulation of ongoing IT strategy, anticipating transformation from utilizing hosting type software to operating own company
  3. Enables both availability and fast provision of the latest capabilities through an “independent tenant” hosting model
  4. Easy to use, owing to an easily customizable user interface
  5. Provides a diverse range of reporting capabilities and advanced analysis through SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence platform

Prices for SAP CRM On-Demand

    Standard users: 8,400 yen/month
    Enterprise users: 14,000 yen/month
    *Can be adjusted in accordance with term of agreement and number of users

Licenses for SAP CRM On-Demand are available directly from SAP Japan, which provides support. The sales target for this year is 10 companies, and from now on, SAP Japan will promote the product proactively. A web site exclusively for SAP CRM On-Demand (http://www.sap.com/japan/crmondemand/) opened today, and will be updated regularly.