ABeam Consulting Constructs Customer Information Management System for Yodobashi Camera Using SAP NetWeaver Platform

Flexible system based on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) made operational in nine months

TokyoABeam Consulting Ltd. and SAP Japan Co., Ltd. announced today that they have completed the construction of a customer information management system for Yodobashi Camera, which has been operational since April 17, and confirmed that the system is operating stably.

Background to installation and outline of new system

Yodobashi Camera has expanded its business by realizing a creative business model such as conceiving discount incentive cards, and internet business. Fusing IT with management has been a great driving force in business expansion Yodobashi Camera will continue to embrace creative business models with flexibility and speed to achieve continue growth. In order to develop and maintain such business process, Yodobashi Camera decided to adopt an IT platform based on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).

The new system of Customer Information Management manages the real-time updates and references of customer information via multiple channels, including terminals of each store, Internet sites. Moreover, Yodobashi Camera’s business process supported by the system was designed to enhance the uniqueness of Yodobashi Camera. Because each application is based on SOA, the system’s configuration also enables flexible addition and upgrading.

The new system allows for real-time updates and database inquiry of customer information of each Yodobashi Camera store, internet and various channels. The business process provided by the system was built to strengthen the uniqueness of Yodobashi Camera. In terms of system process, the system was planned and developed using SOA as a base to allow flexible modification and additions.

The role of SAP NetWeaver and ABeam Consulting

The installation was designed on the basis of the Enterprise SOA concept advocated by SAP. By treating the capabilities provided by the system as services, and through combining the said services, the system can be developed with flexibility and speed. Also, by adopting the SAP NetWeaver platform as system infrastructure, system construction was achieved by linking up the services developed in this project.

ABeam Consulting supported the project at in every stage, from basic design of the configuration to operation, making the system operational in just nine months. Consultants from ABeam Consulting participated, and ABeam’s Global Development Center in Shanghai was utilized to efficiently develop a large number of programs in the ABAP and Java languages.

Hideaki Kajiura, Senior Manager, Manufacturing and Distribution, of ABeam Consulting says, “Yodobashi Camera is a client with whom we have had an ongoing relationship for 15 years since 1992, and we have provided various services concerning both business and IT. This project was an extremely challenging one, as it involved the development of a large-scale, mission-critical system using new concepts and technological infrastructure. Nevertheless, we were able to bring the system into operation on schedule. A follow-up project has already begun, and we plan to continue extending our support.”

Takayuki Shibuya, Industry Principal of Retail/ Wholesale & Trade, Industry Business Development, Solutions, SAP Japan says “Now that SAP NetWeaver has been put into operation as the architecture platform that supports a mission-critical system at Yodobashi Camera, one of the most advanced companies in the industry, we would like to continue supporting this project, while providing even better services and products. We aim to create high value for customers by enhancing our industry-specific and business-specific enterprise services, and providing flexible system infrastructure that is in line with customers’ growth.”