Nippon Steel & Sumikin Stainless Steel Corporation Overhauls System Infrastructure,Giving SAP Products Central Role

―Aims to create foundation for winning in the coming era of major competition in the steel industry―

TokyoSAP Japan Co., Ltd. announced today that Nippon Steel & Sumikin Stainless Steel Corporation (NSSC) has

installed mySAP ERP, as part of its system integration in conjunction with the development of system

infrastructure to support visualization of operations and business integration, and confirmed that this

ERP package is in stable operation. Installation of mySAP ERP began in March 2005, and the system went

live as scheduled in April 2006. This was the first large-scale, fast installation of mySAP ERP by a

Japanese steelmaker. NSSC is conducting a rapid, low-cost installation project that centers on mySAP

ERP while utilizing current systems, as well as implementing business reforms.

NSSC was established in October 2003, through the merger of the stainless steel divisions of Nippon

Steel Corporation and Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd., as Japan’s biggest manufacturer of stainless

steel. Since then, NSSC has initiated and pursued bold measures appropriate to an industry leader,

including streamlining its production facilities and reforming its approach to business. Meanwhile, the

company has endeavored to strengthen its internal organization and build up infrastructure, with the

aim of reinforcing its business management and strategy planning in line with the speed at which

conditions are changing, in order to succeed in major competition at the global level. Under these

circumstances, NSSC’s awareness that SAP products constitute a global standard, as well as its high

regard for SAP’s track record and specialist knowledge regarding system integration during business

mergers and the steel industry in particular, led to NSSC’s installation and operation of mySAP


At NSSC, SAP products are utilized for accounting, cost price calculation, purchasing, and the

management of equipment maintenance. NSSC is now constructing a unified system at the companywide level

that is also integrated with current systems at three steelworks.

Going forward, NSSC will position SAP products at the core of its integrated business system,

utilizing them as infrastructure to implement management systems that support more autonomous, speedy

operations. In this way, NSSC aims to achieve a business constitution that enables consistent,

sustained growth even in the midst of changes in business environment.