SAP Japan, Citrix Systems Japan, and IBM Japan CollaborateIBM provides “one-stop” solution

Helps reduce the cost of operating and managing SAP systems, and reinforce IT control and security

TokyoSAP Japan Co., Ltd., Citrix Systems Japan K.K., and IBM Japan, Ltd. are collaborating to provide an integrated solution that combines SAP’s ERP packages and Citrix’s access infrastructure, helping customers to implement IT control and enhance their IT operation environments.

mySAP Business Suite from SAP Japan, which has a proven record in the business solutions field, helps businesses to implement efficient, sustainable compliance and corporate governance strategies.

Meanwhile, Citrix Presentation Server from Citrix is a solution that virtualizes SAP products and other applications. By concentrating client applications onto servers, this solution enables all processes to be executed between servers, sending only screen images to clients. This not only facilitates the installation and operation of mySAP Business Suite, but improves performance and creates a secure system by preventing data from remaining on client terminals.

IBM Japan, as a partner, has long provided solutions from both SAP Japan and Citrix, which have extensive track records. Now, through the new collaboration, IBM will make arrangements to offer solutions that integrate mySAP Business Suite and Citrix products in “one stop.” This will make it possible to provide solutions more quickly, enabling to customers further develop their internal control environments and combine higher security with system flexibility, as well as reducing IT operation and management costs. Additionally, in overseas development by Japanese businesses, it will be possible to use applications with centralized management, high security, and consistent performance by utilizing servers in Japan, instead of installing servers at facilities overseas.

Worldwide, many SAP users also utilize Citrix Presentation Server, which helps them operate SAP products and develop IT infrastructure. In Japan as well, it has been noted that Citrix Presentation Server facilitates operation and management in ERP development at multiple centers and reinforcement of internal control, as well as promoting stable performance. Accordingly, the three companies will now provide collaborative solutions, primarily for new and current users of SAP products.

Details of the three-way collaboration are as follows:

  1. A SAP-Citrix Solution Team will be established at IBM Japan’s ISV Solution Center
    IBM Japan engineers, with comprehensive experience and advanced skills regarding solutions from both SAP and Citrix, will be assembled into the SAP-Citrix Solution Team. With collaboration from SAP Japan and Citrix, the team will provide unified support at all stages, from pre-sales to installation and maintenance.
  2. Citrix will establish a specialist technical support system to assist the SAP-Citrix Solution Team
    Citrix will reinforce its technical support arrangements for IBM Japan engineers, especially the SAP-Citrix Solution Team, providing prompt support for SAP-Citrix solutions.
  3. SAP Japan will reinforce its technical support arrangements for IBM Japan engineers, especially the SAP-Citrix Solution Team, providing prompt support for SAP-Citrix solutions.
  4. Marketing collaboration will be reinforced
    Aggressive marketing activities will start, through participation in SAP BUSINESS SYMPOSIUM ‘06 (July 21, 2006 at the Tokyo International Forum) and joint seminars by the three companies.

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