SAP Japan Announces ERP Installation Kits with Minimal Set-Up Cost for SME Market

Through SAP First Step Kit campaign, IPS, NEC Nexa Solutions, and Hitachi Information Systems to provide streamlined installation packages

TokyoSAP Japan Co., Ltd. announced today that, in response to increasing need in the SME market, it will hold the SAP First Step Kit campaign, for businesses considering their first installation of an ERP system. The campaign will run during this year only. To enable customers to install and ERP system quickly and easily while allowing for future scaling up, basic kits, comprising software licenses, installation consulting, and PC servers, will be provided by SAP partners. As the first phase of this campaign, kits will be available from SAP partners Hitachi Information Systems, NEC Nexa Solutions, and IPS, in the 3,000,000 yen, 5,000,000 yen, and 19,800,000 yen price bands, respectively. Official prices and provision timelines will be announced by each partner.

The installation kits provided by each partner in the campaign are packages that include a system with automatically set parameters for predefined business processes, plus know-how and support tools for easy installation utilizing each partner’s comprehensive experience of installation so far. Each kit has a fixed price and clear breakdown of installation costs. Another major feature is that customers can check the system under conditions that anticipate going live, in the form of a demonstration prior to purchase. This enables customers to actually observe the business process sequence, so they can make the purchase with peace of mind. As well as implementing a high-performance, proven ERP solution from SAP with minimal investment, customers can scale up business processes in line with future changes in business environment and technological advances. The robustness of SAP systems also makes them effective as solutions for the currently topical issues of compliance and internal control. To meet internal control requirements from now on, SAP systems constitute a safe option as system infrastructure, since they boast a proven record in Europe and America, where compliance and internal control legislation was pioneered.

The installation kits for the 3,000,000 yen and 5,000,000 yen price bands are based on SAP Business One, an ERP package for SMEs with reinforced support for Japanese business practices. Two types of kits will be offered: Self-installed kits, which include manuals and tools that enable customers to easily make system settings themselves; and supported kits, which include a system setting service. These will be provided by Hitachi Information Systems and NEC Nexa Solutions, together with those partners’ independent know-how and other forms of added value.

The installation kit for the 19,800,000 yen price band is based on mySAP ERP, and includes solutions for financial accounting and management accounting. This kit will be provided with an ample range of business scenarios and functional modules defined in advance, and set up by partners using their know-how and the setting tool SAP Best Practices, which automates installation. This is an optimal solution for customers that initially want to improve their financial and management accounting, and then broaden the scope of improvements to encompass sales, transactions, inventory management, and production management. This installation package will be provided by IPS and Hitachi Information Systems.

SAP Japan, together with each partner, will continue to provide value to customers in the SME market, with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction.