SAP Japan Starts First Training Program to Support All Developers

Advance session to be held at SAP TechEd ‘06 on October 5-6

TokyoFrom next February, SAP Japan Co., Ltd. is to hold its first training course introducing the latest knowledge and technology needed to construct systems based on Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). The course is intended for developers with an interest in creating flexible business solutions, as well as those interested in implementing SOA using Java and the like. Trainees will become able to suggest optimal solutions utilizing SAP products to meet the detailed needs of customers who require scaling up or upgrading of systems based on SOA.

SAP Japan provides training course intended for people involved in installing SAP ERP products and for SAP end users. This new training course will promptly provide the latest SOA technology to all developers and system integrators who face an urgent need to handle SOA, which is attracting an increasing level of interest among Japanese businesses. The enterprise SOA advocated by SAP integrates not only SAP ERP applications, but also customers’ current applications, as well as applications developed using Java or the like, based on the integrated platform SAP NetWeaver. This technology enables the configuration and operation of new business processes in environments that encompass different types of hardware. The training course aims to have customers understand not just an outline of SOA, but also the latest tools for implementing enterprise SOA and methods for creating composite applications using the tool. As the training course is intensive, short, and systematic, consisting of both seminars and practical hands-on sessions, it enables participants to learn, quickly and efficiently, all the concepts needed to implement SOA.

The course is scheduled to start in February, and acceptance for application will start around the middle of November. To present the course content to developers as soon as possible, and design practical training based on feedback, the advance sessions will be held at SAP TechEd ‘06, on October 5 (Thu) and 6 (Fri) at Hotel Nikko Tokyo (Minato-ku).

Course name :NetWeaver to implement Enterprise SOA
Schedule :For three days
Cost :¥189,900 (tax included)
How to apply :As soon as details of application are decided, we will present the information below

The outline of the course including cost is subject to change without announcing.