Toyo Business Engineering and SAP Japan Provide Business Value for Customers by Offering Flexible ERP Based on SOA

B-EN-G forms specialist team for enterprise SOA, in order to provide business value to companies

TokyoToyo Business Engineering Corporation and SAP Japan Co., Ltd. have announced that they will reinforce their collaboration in the field of ERP solutions based on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). As part of this collaboration, B-EN-G will establish a competence center specializing in the enterprise SOA advocated by SAP. Through such close, ongoing collaboration with SAP Japan, B-EN-G will utilize the know-how developed through this longstanding cooperative relationship to help customers solve their business problems.

To enable the configuration of ERP solutions that can adapt to change flexibly and quickly utilizing the SOA methodology, B-EN-G and SAP Japan have been jointly studying and evaluating the enterprise SOA approach since June 2006. B-EN-G’s new competence center will handle all aspects of SOA, from consulting to engineering (solution configuration), specifically including business process analysis and all stages from enterprise SOA-based prototyping to installation. Through partnership with SAP, B-EN-G will accumulate know-how regarding installation of the latest enterprise SOA technologies and solutions, reducing customers’ risks and helping them construct the IT infrastructure they require today.

The enterprise SOA advocated by SAP enables flexible upscaling and upgrading in response to rapidly changing environments by providing all the capabilities of mySAP Business Suite as enterprise services. Another aim of Enterprise SOA is to implement business solutions that can handle both standardization and diversification. Accordingly, each suite of products is provided as a foundation and backbone for achieving that aim. Regarding these latest components and tools, SAP Japan’s Enterprise SOA Promotion Office has a technological partnership with each SAP Lab (development organization), and provides up-to-date technical information about advanced tools.

Through the collaboration between B-EN-G and SAP Japan, the two companies will provide business value to customers by implementing enterprise SOA, helping customers solve their business problems.