Most-Read Articles in June


Number 5: “Become the iTunes of Business”

SAP wants 10,000 partner apps on its platforms by 2015. Why? Because it’s good for customers, says Eric Duffaut, president, SAP Ecosystem & Channels.

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Number 4: From Tragedy to Tribute

SAP has a message for kids suffering today: Tomorrow, together, it gets better.

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Number 3: Software for Smartphones and Tablets

With a wide array of SAP applications now available for smartphones and tablets, it’s time for an overview of the company’s mobile software portfolio.

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Number 2: Business Apps for Every User

This list has something for everyone: free apps and paid ones, apps for iPhone and Android users, nifty tools to improve productivity as well as heavy-duty SAP apps.

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Number 1: Update: SAP Apps for iPhone and iPad

If you haven’t taken a look inside Apple’s App Store recently, then you’re missing out. SAP updates its mobile software and releases new offerings on a regular basis.

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