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Ryan Somers

I currently live in the suburbs of Philly. I work in Global Marketing at SAP where I celebrate our customers by humanizing the stories of successful collaborations with SAP. Disseminate these stories to educate the reader on how our customers’ customer benefits from these interactions. Companies running SAP help to make the world a better place and that's the message that we push. Keywords I'd use to describe myself would be: Altruistic, Optimistic, Happy, Team Player, Leader, Risk Taker and most of all; Competitive. I love working with teams internationally, as well as learning new cultures and traveling. In my free time (if any), my favorite hobbies are Sports... yep, all of them but preferably - Football, Futbol, Basketball, Rugby and Golf. I also like to compete in triathlons and the Tough Mudder competition. I have 2 sons (Ryan Jr. - 3 and Brayden - 11 months) and have been married for 6 years to my high school sweetheart; the 4 of us have a lot of fun together. I've been in the Air National Guard for 12 years and recently completed OTS to earn my commission as a 2LT Intelligence Officer. Before that, I was a Technical Sergeant as a Weapons Loader for the A-10 Aircraft. I've had the honor to serve overseas in Afghanistan, Kyrgystan, Iraq and Kuwait and I’m a strong believer that no matter where you end up, any situation can be a positive one as long as you enter it with the right attitude and have some good people by your side. Overall, I’m fairly easy going and try to make the best out of whatever “life” throws my way!