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Uta Spinger

SAP brand journalist and senior managing editor at SAP News Services, with content also appearing on SAP Business Trends and Forbes. An experienced communications specialist in the SAP Global Marketing and Communications team, Uta joined SAP in 1999. Since then, she has edited and written for both print and online publications – for external and internal audiences. Uta enjoys working with SAP customers and regional teams to uncover great IT success stories from around the world and share them with the SAP audience. Topics include Augmented Reality, Industry 4.0/M2M, Mobile, Services, Finance. Uta holds degrees in marketing and media sciences from Mannheim University, Germany, and studied at San Jose State, California.

Plataforma SAP Cloud SDK para iOS: la innovación vendrá de los clientes y del ecosistema

Blog — Rick Knowles explica cómo la plataforma SAP Cloud SDK para iOS, ahora generalmente disponible, acelerará los tiempos de desarrollo para los clientes y socios de SAP....

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