Middle East Companies Focused on Flexible Solutions to Enable Clarity and Efficiency

2009 Market Trends Show Middle East Companies Focused on Flexible Solutions to Enable Clarity and Efficiency, say SAP Executives

SAP NEWSBYTESeveral of SAP’s emerging markets have achieved consistent growth through the first three quarters of 2009, in particular in the Middle East region. Organizations of all sizes are focusing on business solutions that optimize performance and offer the insight and agility needed to close the gap between strategy and execution, say SAP executives. In addition, companies are looking for increasingly flexible access to software solutions and future product capabilities.

“The SME sector in the Middle East is on the brink of a massive core enterprise resource planning (ERP) wave with companies placing increased emphasis on the importance of clarity and efficiency. Large enterprises are focusing on solutions such as business intelligence (BI), customer relationship management (CRM), and supplier relationship management (SRM),” says Jimmy Anidjar, president of Global Fast Growth & Emerging Markets, SAP.

Market forces affecting the emerging market sector include an increased need for business insight to enable end-to-end best-run business processes, incremental innovation to compensate for market shifts and changing customer needs, fast ROI and ‘quick wins’ with commensurate value, and tactical solutions to specific challenges.

“Industries demonstrating impressive growth in the emerging markets include public sector, healthcare, and financial services, and in the Middle East region this growth is reflected by SAP’s deep penetration in process industries such as oil and gas, mill and chemicals, as well as utilities,” says Simon Paris, head of Cluster Emerging, SAP EMEA.

Anidjar was in Dubai to meet with customers and share with them the continuous investments SAP is making in this important region. During his last visit to the region, he received a ‘work-in-progress’ tour of SAP’s new office facilities based at the new Arenco Tower in Dubai Media City. The new office is scheduled to be inaugurated in February 2010, as the premises are needed to support SAP’s massive growth of its regional organization, which has grown four times in the last 24 months.

The new SAP facility features a unique ‘customer-facing floor’ designed to encourage meetings, training, and solution demonstration, further evidence, say executives, of SAP’s increased developments and commitment to the region.


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