SAP Shows Continued Dedication to Boosting Job Prospects for Egyptian Nationals

Senior Executives Meet with German University in Cairo to Share Success of University Alliance Program

SAP NEWSBYTESAP executives have met with officials from The German University in Cairo (GUC) to discuss the value of the University Alliance Program in boosting job prospects through the sharing of global IT best practices, allowing students to gain a competitive edge in Egypt’s developing knowledge-based economy.

Over the past two years approximately 140 students from GUC, the most active member of the University Alliance Program, have entered the job market with competitive IT skills, joining more than 150,000 students from 700 tertiary institutions around the world learning about and using SAP solutions.

“Skilled IT professionals are needed to support the rapidly developing technology sector in Egypt. We are proud to offer our students the SAP University Alliance Program so that they may gain a competitive edge in the job market, and have access to the tools needed to become experts in the fields of IT and technology,” commented Professor Ralf Klischewski, Dean of Business School, GUC.

Members of the SAP University Alliance Program are given exclusive access to SAP’s business solutions to use in the classroom, enabling students to put theory to practice through demonstrations, problem-solving, case studies, and research programs. Upon graduation, students have a sound understanding of how technology can facilitate integrated business processes and strategic thinking, enhancing their chances for post-graduate employment.

“Through the development of sought-after skills, we believe that students of the German University of Cairo will have the tools needed to support Egypt’s growing modernization and economic diversification. Following on from two successful years of providing the program at the university, we look forward to continuing this success and developing the program in line with both student and market demands,” said Sergio Maccotta, Managing Director, SAP Middle East and North Africa.

In a further achievement, GUC is the first university in the MENA region to offer the TERP10 course to its students through the University Alliance Program. The TERP10 course provides a valuable introduction into the processes of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), allowing participants to cover topics including the organizational structures used in business processes, discuss ERP transactions required to complete business process cycles, and identifying key integration points between different business disciplines.