SAP Further Enhances Arabic Business Offer to Support MENA Mid-Market Sector

SAP Business All-in-One Software Quick, Easy, and Affordable; Customers in Manufacturing, Services, and Trading to Benefit from Industry-Proven Solutions and Best Practice

DUBAI, United Arab EmiratesIn continued support of more than 800 customers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, SAP is reinforcing its Arabic language platform by adding the Arabic version of SAP Business All-in-One Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to its portfolio of solutions in the region.

The solution, which goes live this month, is available to new and existing customers, and is designed to streamline business processes, support strategic decisions, and stay competitive, especially for the small to medium enterprise (mid-market) sector.

“The strength and vibrancy of the mid-market sector in the MENA region comes as a result of companies continuously striving to innovate – region-relevant business solutions that cater for this strategically important market are crucial to its ongoing success,” said Sergio Maccotta, managing director, SAP Middle East and North Africa.

“With an average of two new customers selecting SAP business solutions in the MENA region per week, and the mid-market sector accounting for more than 50 percent of SAP’s revenue, we are committed to supporting our customers in this field with tools that allow companies to leverage industry best practices and the agility to respond quickly to market changes and today in Arabic as well,” continued Maccotta.

Regionally, SAP is seeing mid-market companies utilizing solutions that are user friendly, affordable, and can be implemented quickly in a fixed price and scope project. Because the Arabic version of SAP Business All-in-One ERP software is based upon proven SAP best practices the software is designed for scalability, the solution is capable to grow and adapt with a company’s specific business needs.

The Arabic version of SAP Business All-in-One ERP solution is tailored for the specific business needs of mid-market companies, and is designed to assist companies gain more visibility across departments, helping optimize operations across a range of areas including financial accounting, controlling / annual operating plan and forecast, reporting and analytics, sales and distribution, as well as industry specific requirements. Industry-specific solutions allow customers across manufacturing, services, and trading to benefit from expert industry insight.

According to SAP, organizations in the region are moving at an incredible speed, and those which aspire to take their business to the next level require the ability to react quickly and embrace change. With 38 years of industry experience and expertise, SAP has demonstrated its role as an advisor to companies of all sizes to deliver customer-focused offerings, sharing global best-practices to quickly address critical business needs and to enable growth.

SAP is implemented in more than 15 different vertical markets in MENA including, oil and gas, construction, retail, public sector, banking, and automotive

Businesses interested in implementing the ERP solution can use the online SAP Business All-in-One fast start configurator tool to receive a tailored and immediate cost estimate: