On-Device Technology Integral Part of Business Strategy, According to Middle East Executives

Importance of Mobility Discussed During the 5th SAP User Group MENA Executive Exchange in Dubai

DUBAI, United Arab EmiratesIn a survey conducted at the recent SAP Forum, 39 percent of business leaders surveyed cited On-Device (mobile) technology as the innovation they are most likely to adopt as part of their company’s business strategy. This was followed closely by the virtualization of business applications and hardware (35 percent), and then compliance solutions for business sustainability and cloud computing (both 13 percent).

This rapid pace of adopting mobile technology is challenging established business models as computing and wireless becomes embedded in every aspect of our work lives. Connectivity has made it possible for nearly any piece of information to be digitized and transmitted immediately, irrespective of geographic boundaries. This has resulted in borderless organizations where business processes extend beyond the boundaries of the organization to include partners and suppliers, leading to the creation of true business networks.

“With 50 to 70 percent of knowledge workers away from their workstations on a daily basis – either at a customer’s site, in the field, working from home or on the road – SAP is looking at a new workforce that demands mobility,” said Sam Alkharrat, managing director, SAP MENA

“In the unwired enterprise, mobile solutions connect business processes from the boardroom to the shop floor or front office so that everyone – from the CEO to mobile workers on the frontline – has real-time access to vital information. Instant access to information leads to better decision making,” continued Alkharrat.

SAP’s On-Device strategy plays an important role in how the company will build consumable applications that create instant value for our customers who are business users and consumers. The goal of the SAP mobility strategy is to increase the adoption, reach, and value of SAP solutions by delivering more applications on multiple device platforms with the rich user experience that customers expect. SAP’s On-Device approach is to design and build simple, instant value applications that are functional and reach a broad base of users in an ‘always-connected model.’

The survey was conducted at the SAP User Group – Middle East & North Africa (SUG-MENA) Executive Exchange, which provides a common ground for senior IT executives from across the Middle East to discuss the challenges of managing the changing role of IT and while providing the opportunity to interact with other SAP users. SUG-MENA conferences strive to provide rich and diverse content, with the aim of capturing the interests of SAP users, and incorporating suggestions and recommendations from attending members.

SAP Forum 2010

“Across industries, companies in the MENA region are realizing the potential that enterprise mobility applications provide – from improving productivity and operational efficiency to enabling new ways to reach out to customers, suppliers and partners,” said Salem Al Angari, President of SAP User Group SUG-MENA.

“The SUG-MENA Executive Exchange, which was this year attended by representatives from 25 organizations in the region, provides a platform to discuss innovation and how we can evolve technology to the benefit of regional companies,” concluded Al Angari.

The survey also found that 86 percent of those questioned felt that the growth in IT budgets would accelerate to gain operational efficiencies. In addition, 86 percent of respondents felt that the role of the CIO had become more strategically important in 2010 (14 percent no change), and those questioned unanimously felt that strategic IT investments can help companies prosper in a fast growth market.

The SAP Forum 2010 hosted more than 1,200 attendees who discovered how today’s new technologies can help drive long-term, profitable business growth. Executives gained premier knowledge on how to maximize innovative technology and business strategies to help achieve greater results and become best-run businesses. Attendees will learn about the latest SAP business solutions, their functionality and will discover how SAP solutions offer the ideal fit for businesses with an on-demand, on-premise and on-device options.

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