Saudi Arabia’s alfanar Electric Selects SAP for Rapid Deployment of Customer Relationship Management Solution

Implementation Achieved in Six Weeks to Provide Comprehensive Customer Insight and to Deliver Superior Customer Value

RIYADH, Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaSaudi-based alfanar Electric today announced the successful implementation of SAP’s Customer Relationship Management solution, a robust technology that fully meets customer service needs and provides increased visibility into front and back-office operations, helping to provide best in class benefits to dealers and customers.

alfanar Electric is the industrial arm of alfanar, manufacturing a variety of low, medium and high voltage electrical construction products including power distribution and control, wiring accessories, cables, transformers, and lighting. The company’s work ethic is characterized by quality products and services, excellence in practices, and values that nurture human potential. The integrated SAP solutions will assist in strengthening alfanar’s IT and business processes infrastructure, facilitating the company’s plans for rapid growth and expansion.

“With plans to expand and improve our regional service offering across MENA over the next two years, we needed a business solution that could be up and running quickly to support our superior customer service standards. We selected SAP’s fully scalable solution which is also completely integrated with our existing SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, providing a launch-pad for add-on functionality as needed in the future,” said Marco van de Sandt, Chief Information Officer, Alfanar.

The SAP business software, which went live in only six weeks following finalization of the blueprint, will ensure Alfanar Electric achieves high levels of customer satisfaction by meeting customer expectations through active communication and the provision of value-added services and products. The solutions will upgrade the level of services delivery to various customer segments, manage opportunities through coordinated product portfolios and forecasting, and ensure sales efficiencies making sure that the right team is in the right place at the right time. In addition, the technology will assist in preparing and adopting the programs and approaches necessary for implementing employee training and development plans.

“As a leader in the Saudi electrical landscape alfanar have plans for better integration and expansion across its divisions with a focus on reducing costs, while increasing innovation and improving their benchmark customer service and responsiveness,” said Abdul-Raheem Bawazeer, Managing Director, SAP KSA.

“When it comes to addressing today’s most pressing line-of-business needs, such as sales, communications, procurement, customer service and call-center operations, rapid-deployment solutions from SAP help companies find a flexible path forward as they are affordable, easy to deploy, and are specifically designed to deliver faster time-to-value,” continued Bawazeer.

Bolstering this initiative, new SAP Rapid Deployment solutions, with a fixed-price and fixed-scope offering, which target companies’ immediate CRM, IT service desk operation, and environmental, health and safety management analytics needs are now available. With SAP CRM, organizations can capitalize on customer insight by empowering marketing teams and improving front-line efficiency and effectiveness by getting more – and more accurate – information to their sales force faster, as well as increasing customer retention and loyalty by providing customer service employees with the information they need to meet or exceed customer expectations.

SAP’s comprehensive suite of applications, integrated with leading business support and analytical software, mean that companies can optimize key end-to-end business processes and achieve key business goals. These include; ensuring that the best people and talent are hired and retained using optimized processes for workforce and talent management, that maximum energy efficiency is achieved using energy capital management processes for optimizing energy portfolios, that there is smart meter data integration, and maintenance of financial and operational excellence and superior customer value.