EMAL Fuels Giant Expansion Drive with SAP

Aluminium Producer on Track to Become the Largest and Most Productive Single-Site Aluminium Smelter in the World

Dubai, United Arab EmiratesEmirates Aluminium Company (EMAL) is set up to increase the efficiency and improve the quality of its production with the support of cutting-edge SAP software solutions.

The multifaceted software suite will enable EMAL to build on its formidable reputation as one of the largest and most productive single-site aluminium smelters in the world, with a future annual capacity output of 1.3 million tonnes.

EMAL was established in 2007 as a strategic joint venture between Dubai Aluminium Company (DUBAL) and Mubadala Development Company (MUBADALA) and has grown to achieve remarkable success, supplying 280 clients in 36 countries.

A flagship of Abu Dhabi’s industrialization and diversification strategy, EMAL’s Phase One was a US$ 5.7 billion development that made it one of the largest aluminium producers in the world. In July this year, EMAL announced the go-ahead for an additional investment of US$4.5 billion for its Phase Two expansion at the Al Taweelah smelter.

Since 2008, SAP has served as a strategic partner with EMAL to achieve end-to-end visibility in line with best-in-class business practices, enabling informed and swift decision-making and sustainable business models to ensure business longevity.

Phase two of the collaboration will see SAP expand the scale of its business software solutions as EMAL seeks to increase production, enhance quality of product and achieve greater customer engagement.

SAP’s digital input, which is set to include the latest in mobile enterprise technology, will also enable EMAL to seamlessly add another 1,000 employees to its 2,000-strong workforce.

SAP recently awarded EMAL a Customer Centre of Expertise (CCOE) Certification Award for its unerring commitment to the continuous improvement of operational efficiency, quality management and the optimization of business processes, which has resulted in increased business value and protection of EMAL investments.The CCOE acts as ahub for functional collaboration between EMAL’s business departments and its ICT group, and between EMAL and SAP. This increases the transparency of business processes, and has proven to reduce total cost of ownership.

The certification not only provides a verification of the capability and quality of SAP solution operations in EMAL, but also reinforces the partnership between its business departments and the ICT group, as well as helping to achieve additional benefits through deeper levels of expertise and collaboration. The CCOE also helps stimulate innovation by, for example, keeping software up-to-date with changing requirements, providing skills training, and making use of expertise on demand.

Left to right: Rabih Haidar, Global Account Director, SAP; Sam Alkharrat, MENA MD, SAP; Saeed Fadhel Al Mazrooei, President and CEO, EMAL; Ali Saeed AlMazrooei, CIO, EMAL; and Andy Andreani, Senior Manager, Information & Communication Technology, EMAL.

EMAL’s dedication to operational excellence also saw it win top prize in the Medium-Large Implementation category of therecent SAP MENA Quality Awards, which celebrate customers that use SAP Quality Principles to effectively manage software implementations marked by multifaceted technical and business process requirements, excel in execution and deliver significant benefits, and achieve fast, low-cost implementations to accommodate today’s demands for rapid realization of return on investment.

The award was presented in Abu Dhabi last week during the Middle East and Africa (MENA) leg of the SAP® World Tour 2011, which featured a keynote address by SAP Co-CEO Bill McDermott.

“EMAL’s achievements over the past four years have been remarkable. EMAL as a global player in the aluminium market is now a reality, but we will not rest on our laurels. At EMAL we invest today to reap the benefits tomorrow and continually look for improvement. To serve our customers we need to look to the future and ensure we meet their needs. That is what drives us as a business,” said Saeed Fadhel Al Mazrooei, EMAL President and CEO.

Sam Alkharrat, SAP MENA MD, said:“EMAL is an inspirational company with a vital role to play not only in the future development of the UAE, but also across a host of industries on the global stage. SAP is proud to play a part in a visionary commitment to greater transparency, efficiency, productivity and business integration that is truly world-class.”

SAP’s ERP Business Suite provides integrated solutions that help companies around the world run best-in-class manufacturing operations, delivering role-based access to crucial data, applications and analytical tools and dealing effectively and efficiently with operational challenges such as logistics, business intelligence, HR, as well as health and safety and environmental management.

About EMAL
EMAL is a state of the art aluminium smelter complex supplying the world with high quality metal. The advanced Greenfield smelter in Al Taweelah currently uses DX Reduction Cell Technology to produce 750,000 tonnes of aluminium annually. This will increase to 1.3 metric million tonnes by the end of 2014 upon completion of Phase Two and the installation of the new generation DX+ Reduction Technology, making it the largest single site smelter in the world. Approval of a $4.5bn investment for Phase Two, combined with the US$5.7bn Phase One joint venture between Dubai Aluminium and Mubadala Investment Company, makes EMAL one of the largest industrial projects in the UAE outside oil and gas and one of the key projects leading the diversification of the UAE’s economy.

EMAL currently supplies 280 customers in 36 countries with high quality aluminium which is available as sow, standard ingots, sheet ingots and extrusion billets. ISO9000 certified sow and standard ingots are traded on the London Metals Exchange. An advanced infrastructure at the Al Taweelah site provides customers with guaranteed, reliable and sustainable production and distribution. The site currently includes a 2000 MW power plant, which will increase to 3,000MW by 2014, carbon plant and flexible casthouse with a wide variety of world class products. A purpose-built wharf at Khalifa Port shortens the supply chain of raw materials direct from sea to smelter.

EMAL uses the most sustainable technologies available worldwide to reduce emissions in line with Environment Agency Abu Dhabi requirements to minimise its carbon footprint.

EMAL has created 2,000 jobs with Emiratization at the core of its employment strategy, which will rise to 3,000 upon completion of Phase Two. The company has also introduced scholarship programs to provide technical training for local graduates with guaranteed job opportunities. EMAL’s community engagement includes open days for the local community and support for social, sports and cultural organisations.