Hoshanco Holding Eyes Retail Industry Step-Change

Unified and Simplified Processes to Drive Expansion and Benefit Customers

RIYADH, Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaHoshanco Holding, one of the Gulf region’s largest holding companies, has gone live across its retail operations with a potentially game-changing, industry-specific solution from SAP, the world’s leading business software company.

Hoshanco Holding has gone live with SAP to transform its retail businesses with unified and simplified processes, creating personalised experiences across channels, business models and customers.

Founded in Riyadh in 1964 by Sheikh Ahmad Bin Hamad Al-Hoshan, the company focuses on trading (stationery, printing solutions and printing papers), stationary equipment, real estate investment and financial services.

“It is critical to leverage information technology as a key competitive advantage,” said Fahad Bin Ahmad Al-Hoshan CEO, Hoshanco Holding.

“SAP gives us the ability to move with more agility, anticipate customer needs and help raise the standard for operational excellence across the Saudi Arabian retail industry. This type of technology will also become the cornerstone of our ongoing expansion efforts.”

SAP‘s retail-specific Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is set to improve efficiency and transparency of Hoshanco Holdings’s manufacturing, supply chain, logistics and finance and controlling, as well as the management of human resource, real estate and store operations.

“Hoshanco Holdings values innovation and puts the customer first, which makes them an ideal fit for SAP,” said Ahmed Al-Faifi, Managing Director, SAP Saudi Arabia.

“In today’s globalised, highly competitive business environment, it is best-run companies like Hoshanco Holdings, which are determined to achieve business clarity and react effectively in real-time, that will truly prosper.”

About Hoshanco Holding
Hoshanco Holding is now widely recognized as one of the largest holding companies in the entire Gulf region. From modest beginnings in Riyadh in 1964, the company’s founder – Sheikh Ahmad Bin Hamad Al-Hoshan – has pursued his personal vision of building a group of highly successful businesses.

Sheikh Ahmad Bin Hamad Al-Hoshan’s beginnings were ordinary; but his hopes and ambitions were extra-ordinary. As the Chinese proverb puts it, ‘the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ and the history of Hoshanco mirrors this.

Sheikh Ahmad’s energy and perseverance have helped to build and grow Hoshanco from a single construction company to a printing and stationery firm, and then to the market-leading diversified group of companies that we see today. Hoshanco Holding now provides strategic direction and drives the performance of a profitable portfolio of operating subsidiaries. Five decades of steady and consistent work have given it unparalleled strength and depth of experience in the commercial arena.

During the past 50 years, the company’s geographic scope has broadened, both inside the Kingdom and throughout the region.

The Hoshanco Holding Portfolio of Companies Include:

  • Hoshan Investments Co.
  • ASAS Real-Estate Co.
  • Hoshan Pan Gulf Co.
  • Hoshan Direct Sales Co.
  • Hoshan Retail Trading Co.
  • Hoshan Graphic Arts Co.
  • Atlas Manufacturing Co.
  • Hoshan Shared Service Co.