Real-Time Business Revs Into Action In The UAE

World First Combination of Transactional Applications With Analytics In-memory Unlocks “New Era of Opportunity”; DEWA Hails Potential of Technology To Boost Speed And Competitive Advantage

DUBAI, United Arab EmiratesThe United Arab Emirates (UAE) has caught a vivid glimpse of what industry analysts are calling a game-changing real-time business platform.

An exclusive demonstration for industry experts, customers and the media at Dubai Autodrome today set out to explain the benefits and influence of Business Suite on HANA, a technology world first and a disruptive bid by SAP to gain greater traction in the database market.

Business Suite on HANA makes SAP the only company in the world to successfully combine transactional applications with analytics in-memory, which dramatically simplifies the IT landscape and empowers businesses to progress with unprecedented speed and predictive analysis.

Business Suite on HANA is the latest manifestation of HANA, an in-memory technology accelerant that was launched in 2010.. Rapidly gaining in popularity across MENA, the technology has enabled many customers worldwide to speed up business processes by over 100,000 times.

SAP Business Suite on HANA Dubai Press Event

“The unabated growth in enterprise data – both structured and unstructured – is increasingly driving discussions around the “value” that can be extracted from that data in order to drive competitive advantage. Big data technologies such as in-memory databases make rapid transactional and analytical processing of that data possible, thus accelerating business processes,” said Ranjit Rajan, Research Director – Software and Services, IDC MEA.

Business Suite on HANA accelerates core processes end-to-end – human resources, finance, marketing, sales, maintenance, service, manufacturing, procurement and supply chain – to make business truly data-driven and faster than ever before.

It also enables a user-driven experience that offers a unified view of real-time information at any level of granularity, as well as a platform for real-time interaction and data access of every type, on any device.

Importantly, Business Suite on HANA is configured for continuous incremental change, and operates on a flexible, open architecture that gives customers choice of hardware, database, implementation partners, and solution providers.

“In the era of Big Data, traditional planning is becoming a thing of the past,” said Marwan Salem Bin Haider, Vice President and CIO at the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), which is expected to go live with SAP HANA this year.

With the rolling out of a hyper-connected smart grid and metering technology, the ability to react in real-time to immense volumes of complex data becomes unavoidable. DEWA is well on its way to meeting these challenges, and this is precisely why innovations like SAP HANA and SAP Business Suite on HANA are so compelling.”

“Everything DEWA does is geared towards delivering a better, more sustainable service for our customers and society – both now and for generations to come,” added Bin Haider, whose organisation delivers water and electricity to over 600,000 customers across the Emirate of Dubai.

“We accept nothing less than world class, and our future is entirely dependent on continuous, innovative improvement.”

Qais Gharaibeh, UAE Managing Director, SAP MENA, said: “Business Suite on HANA is a massive calling card for SAP in the UAE. This is a country where business is starting to move at incredible speed and data is growing at a relentless rate. To do nothing is to lose out. SAP is committed to partner with UAE businesses to enhance their ability to react in real time, to dive into oceans of Big Data and emerge with true insight, and to benefit from new technologies like cloud, mobility, and in-memory computing”.

“This is not about keeping pace with the competition, it is about outpacing them,” explained Gharaibeh.

“It is not about having information – it is about having the right information to act at the right time. By accelerating core processes like never before, SAP Business Suite on HANA creates smarter business innovations, faster business processes and simpler business interactions to unlock a new era of opportunity.”

Farid Al Sabbagh, Managing Director, Fujitsu Technology Solutions Middle East, said: “Business Suite on HANA is a real turning-point for the industry and, crucially, one that can be delivered without disruption. Hundreds of customers around the world already count on Fujitsu’s SAP solutions, and we are now bringing to the UAE the best in class infrastructure for SAP HANA, which has already deployed successfully in various countries around the Middle East.’’

Lee Allcorn, of IBM Systems and Technology Group at IBM Middle East and Africa, said: “Today, clients are transforming their front offices to become globally integrated enterprises. Real-time business processes and capabilities promise differential advantages as part of these transformation efforts. To help clients maximize return with SAP HANA, IBM is working on consulting skills, scalable infrastructure technology development and co-innovation with SAP.”

(From left to right) Farid Al Sabbagh, Managing Director, Fujitsu Technology Solutions Middle East, Rob Lightfoot SAP HANA Solution Specialist, SAP MENA, Jason Bath, Director, Database & Technology, SAP MENA, Qais Gharaibeh, UAE Managing Director, SAP MENA, Ranjit Rajan, Research Director, Software and Services, IDC Middle East and Africa.