SASREF Demonstrates Global Leadership in Digital Refineries

JUBAIL, KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIAAhead of its participation at the SAP Energy and Natural Resources Forum held in Khobar this week, SASREF announced that it has achieved global leadership in digital refineries and supporting Saudi Vision 2030’s energy competitiveness goals.

Unit-level product profitability visibility and control. With a digital core, SASREF has enhanced its competitiveness, profitability, and efficiency. Among the benefits are unit-level product profitability visibility and control, and 100 percent real-time tracking of inventory movements and project expenses.

Real-Time Analytics Cut Costs and Boost Business Agility, Driving Saudi Vision 2030’s Energy Competitiveness. “In the highly complex field of oil refineries, SASREF has seen strong success on taking a technological leap with SAP. Real-time technology is simplifying business processes, cutting costs, and delivering greater flexibility, agility, and responsiveness. SASREF is dedicated to further driving the Kingdom’s global energy competitiveness and supporting Saudi nationals in energy careers,” said Hussain Al-Qahtani, President of the Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Company.

One of the world’s largest export refineries, SASREF has a production capacity of 305,000 barrels per day. “SASREF runs over 1,000 business and operational processes on a single platform integrated through the Tamkeen program, which aims to build SASREF’s in-house expertise, and has certified SASREF’s Customer Center of Expertise”, commented Engineer Yaser Al Jughaiman, Head of Strategic Digital Transformation at SASREF.

“SAP is exchanging global oil and gas industry best practices to enable SASREF’s global leadership as a digital refinery, and we are dedicated to supporting the Kingdom’s nationwide digital transformation. SASREF can now meet the demands of the digital refinery era, and drive efficiency, productivity, and upskilling local talent,” said Michael Kleinemeier, Member of the SAP Executive Board of SAP SE. Approximately 90% of the biggest 600 oil refineries in the world run on SAP, making SASREF a global role model of a digital refinery.

SASREF also hosted an exhibition showcasing their journey of digital refinery and SAP solutions as enabler to the Oil and Gas industry attended by more than 40 senior participants. During this exhibition, Hussain Al-Qahtani received the SAP Business Innovation Award, bronze winner on a world wide scale, from Stephan Klein, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Digital Business Services for Energy and Natural Resources Industries at SAP SE, for the exceptional effort the SASREF team has exerted into realizing the company’s digital vision. SASREF is the only company in the Middle East and North Africa to receive such an honor.

SASREF was also invited to deliver a keynote at the International SAP Conference for Oil and Gas in Lisbon, Portugal.