SAP Supports Digital Skills Build in Egypt On the Foundation of Public-Private-Partnerships

Supporting digital skills build and youth enablement, SAP recently celebrated the graduation of the latest cohorts of its Young Professional Program in Egypt. The global program has completed three cohorts in Egypt in 2019 with a total of 71 graduates, who were trained and certified on SAP’s latest innovations, increasing the total number of program graduates in the country to 223.

SAP partnered with Information Technology Institute Egypt (ITI) on two of these cohorts. Information Technology Institute has more than 25 years of experience in human capacity building. Initiatives like these, built on the foundation of public-private partnerships, come at the right time with countries across the globe, and in the Middle East and North Africa, coming together to tackle youth unemployment, support job creation and professional development.

Egypt is ideally-positioned to succeed in the Digital Economy, thanks to an abundance of well-educated local youth, who are ready to transform societies and economies and drive Digital Transformation in the country and beyond. Youth aged between 18 to 29 are estimated at 20.2 million, representing 21% of the country’s population, according to the 2018 statistics of Egypt’s official statistics agency CAPMAS.

Many young educated Egyptians are eager to find careers that match their skill levels and ambitions, with many holding university degrees and diploma degrees. Supporting Egypt’s youth to bridge the gap between university and workplace, SAP offers various initiatives such as the Young Professional Program.

SAP’s Young Professional Program – an initiative by the SAP Training and Development Institute (SAP TDI) – is a skills development and job creation initiative.

The 2-3 month program covers a unique enablement plan that includes SAP software functional/technical knowledge and certification with key focus on SAP’s latest innovations as well as soft and future skill trainings. It targets bright graduates from universities – all of which unemployed and/ or underemployed and nationals of the country where the program is offered.

Participants graduate from the program as SAP Associate Consultants, with a competitive edge in the job market, and benefit from introductions to job opportunities within the SAP ecosystem to help them secure a position.

“I call it a quadruple-win program, and that’s what makes it so unique: local youth find a job, our SAP customers and partners find brilliant talent, SAP enhances its ecosystem, and countries benefit in the fight against youth unemployment,” said Marita Mitschein, Managing Director of the SAP Training & Development Institute and Senior Vice President Digital Skills at SAP South Europe, Africa and Middle East, who launched this program back in 2012.

In Egypt, where the program has been running since 2013, it has already impacted the lives of many young people. Among the graduates of the program is Amr Abdelhaleem, who, after completing his training, joined EOH International as an ERP Cloud Consultant.

“Technology brings transparency, efficiency and equal opportunities for everyone,” said Amr Abdelhaleem. “It has always been my dream to find meaningful work, where I can combine my passion for technology and innovation with my skills and knowledge, to leave an impact on the society. Before I joined SAP’s Young Professional Program, I was in a job where I could not bring in my skills, abilities and ambitions. I wish I had applied for this program earlier, as it was my entry into a world where I can make a difference. Today, I’m happy to be able to help organizations in Egypt and beyond to embark on their Digital Transformation journeys.”

“Supporting the Egyptian market, we are proud to celebrate the successful graduation of our Egyptian talents from SAP’s Young Professional Program, and to provide the SAP Ecosystem in Egypt with highly skilled and motivated young professionals,” said Hoda Mansour, Managing Director SAP Egypt. “Many organizations have continuously supported us in our efforts to jointly enable and empower Egyptian youth and have seen great success with hiring talents of our programs. The training is just the start, the on-the-job enablement at organizations is crucial to develop our Certified Associate Consultants into the leaders of the future.”

The program is part of SAP’s ongoing commitment to closing the skills gap and runs in a total of 22 countries across the globe with more than 2,270 graduates globally.

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