SAP and Rawabi Tech Hub Announce Winner of the SAP.iO Rawabi Startup Challenge 2019

SAP SE and Rawabi Tech Hub are proud to announce the winner of the SAP.iO Rawabi Startup Challenge 2019 which supports rising stars of B2B Tech. UBConnect advanced through multiple qualification rounds held over seven weeks to select the most ground-breaking innovation from a field of competitive contenders. UBConnect is now eligible for six months of SAP mentorship, and will be assessed for SAP.iO Fund investment as well as the SAP.iO Foundry Programs.

Rawabi Tech Hub launched the Startup Challenge in partnership with SAP SE, the global market leader in enterprise application software. The Startup Challenge is a key initiative of SAP.iO, SAP SE’s strategic business unit that incubates startup innovation and drives new business models for SAP. “We are excited to work with and help UBConnect scale faster through curated mentorship, exposure to SAP technology and our ecosystem via SAP.iO,” said Alexa Gorman, Senior Vice President and Head of SAP.iO Foundries Europe, Middle East and Africa at SAP SE.

UBConnect submitted their idea to the Startup Challenge online in April. With the aim to further fine-tune and identify opportunities to scale, Hafeth A. Zughayer, founder of UBConnect, participated in the exclusive two-day Design Thinking and Business Model Innovation workshop at the Rawabi Tech Hub, facilitated by Winnovate, powered by SAP. “We were extremely excited to see great interest in the SAP.iO Rawabi Startup Challenge with over 50 entrepreneurs participating. The submitted startup solutions were very interesting because they focused on innovative technology solutions to tangible local business challenges,” said Marita Mitschein, Senior Vice President Digital Skills SAP Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa. Submissions were judged based on the following criteria: Strength of Team, Solving Customer Needs, Use of Intelligent Technologies and Future Potential.

“We are very delighted to be selected as the winner of the SAP.iO Rawabi Challenge 2019 and we are looking forward to expand on the opportunity to serve SAP’s customers in the future. I would like to extend the thanks to Rawabi Tech Hub for their support,” said Hafeth Zughayer, Founder and CEO of UBConnect.

Rawabi, the first Palestinian planned city, is being positioned as the regional concentrated Tech Hub and entrepreneurial accelerator of emerging ICT technologies with the mission of creating new, permanent jobs in the Palestinian ICT sector. Nadiah Sabaneh of Rawabi Tech Hub stated that the hub is actively building its comprehensive ecosystem with the intent to attract more leading multinationals like SAP.

Young entrepreneurs working in their start-up office. They are talking and using laptops. coding. Overhead view.

“If we can sustain growth in the local ICT sector, we will create meaningful employment for thousands of well-educated but underemployed young Palestinians,” Sabaneh stated.

Within the Tech Hub, entrepreneurs and innovators who submitted their ideas and solutions to the challenge will have the opportunity to leverage access to COnnect, Rawabi’s co-working space. They are also eligible to compete for seed funding through Bader, an ICT incubator and VC providing capital to promising tech startups.

If you want to learn more how SAP is helping innovators to build products, find customers and change industries, please visit SAP.iO.