McDonald’s UAE Digitally Transforms to Serve UAE’s USD 9.7 Billion Food Services Market

SAP Real-Time Technology with SEIDOR MENA Enables McDonald’s UAE to Enhance Operations and Customer Experiences

One of the UAE’s largest quick service restaurants, McDonald’s UAE, has digitally transformed with global technology company SAP to serve the country’s food services market growing to USD 9.7 billion by 2020, and enhance customer experiences, industry experts announced today.

According to a recent report from Al Masah Capital, UAE’s booming food services market will grow by 45% to USD 9.7 billion by 2020.

“In the UAE’s highly-competitive and rapidly-growing quick service restaurant sector, customers want orders that are fast, consistent, and tailored to their needs,” said Walid Fakih, general manager, McDonald’s UAE. “McDonald’s UAE’s digital transformation with SAP is giving all of our staff real-time access to lines of business to transform customer experiences – from optimised layouts, to personalised menus, and fast deliveries.”

McDonald’s UAE has to keep up strict and consistent controls over quality. In this respect, SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud, will help the restaurant chain keep up with their standardised services across the UAE. The implementation of SAP S/4 HANA Public Cloud, an integrated ERP system, has virtualised McDonald’s infrastructure, reducing ownership and maintenance costs. By automating finance and sales processes, McDonald’s UAE is using real-time data to organise suppliers, monitor supply sources, and manage inventory.

SAP Analytics Cloud has enabled McDonald’s UAE to communicate operational data to all restaurants, including kitchen serving times and relationships with third party operators.

SAP SuccessFactors introduces several new Human Resources functionalities including accommodation management, automated payroll, and faster onboarding.

“McDonald’s UAE digital transformation shows how uniting the back-office and front-office can deliver major business benefits and can enhance customer experiences,” said Zakaria Haltout, managing director, SAP UAE. “We’re exchanging global best practices in the retail and restaurant sectors so that McDonald’s UAE can leverage our cloud infrastructure to optimise operations and experiences, and to foster economic growth and job creation.”

Supporting McDonald’s UAE in finding the right talent, SAP SuccessFactors introduces several new Human Resources functionalities including accommodation management, automated payroll, and faster onboarding.

“In their digital transformation journey, McDonald’s UAE is using SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud to shift time from managing IT to focus on higher-level business strategy across finance, sales, procurement, and recruitment. In this respect, apart from streamlining their day to day HR operations with SAP SuccessFactors, we have provided out of the box accommodation management solution specifically designed for their business needs,  fully integrated with SAP Cloud EC Payroll”, said Ignacio Ruiz de Eguilaz, Managing Director, SEIDOR MENA. “McDonald’s UAE is ideally-positioned to become a future-ready Intelligent Enterprise that can meet the demands of the quick service industry of tomorrow.”