Mobile Government? Yes! Trends and Realities

Radiocasts | April 25, 2012 by Bonnie D. Graham

We’re spoiled! We’re so accustomed to getting real-time/right-time personal and business information via mobile devices and apps that we now expect similar responsiveness from the public sector. Could game-changing mobility be the answer to speeding-up the so-called slow-turning wheels of government? Yes! And government leaders are poised to make it happen. At the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel named 2012 as “the year of mobile government.” And IDC Government Insights predicts that in 2012, mobility will become the number one IT governance issue in government. But the U.S. GSA’s Gwynne Kostin notes, “The biggest hurdle in mobile gov now is that we are hampered by what we already know. We think in terms of websites and pages and the way we currently deliver services, and ask, ‘How do we mobilize that?’” Pour a cup and join us for food for thought on “Mobile Government? Yes! Trends and Realities”.

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