SAP Honors European Customers for Quality Excellence

SAP Customers in EMEA Region Recognized for Smooth Software Implementations Meeting Complex Requirements According to 10 Quality Principles

PRAGUE, Czech RepublicTNT besloot in 2005 haar financiële verslaggeving sterk te vereenvoudigen. Door gebruik van verschillende, veelal legacy systemen in de diverse landen, was centrale ontsluiting van data zeer beperkt of niet tijdig mogelijk. Door implementatie van de Financial Management & Accounting en Purchase to Pay oplossing van SAP is dit nu wel mogelijk. De uniforme methodologie die gehanteerd is door het eigen implementatieteam van TNT Express voorzag in het managen van de diverse projectrisico’s; van lokale financiële wet- en regelgeving tot het overtuigen van de voordelen voor de lokale gebruikers. In het verlengde zijn ook inkoopprocessen (procurement) geharmoniseerd en wordt gebruik gemaakt van SAP Business Intelligence. Inmiddels is het project van 25 naar 52 landen uitgerold. Eens te meer een bewijs dat een dergelijke groot project met de juiste mensen, middelen, methoden en commitment een succesvol resultaat kan opleveren. Deze positieve resultaten in dit traject geven dan ook aanleiding voor TNT Express om nu ook de HR processen te standaardiseren en op basis van SAP Human Capital Mangement wereldwijd uit te rollen.

Mede hierom is TNT Express met hoofdkantoor in Nederland dan ook een van de 4 winnaars van de Europese SAP Quality Awards 2007. Deze prijs wordt uitgereikt aan klanten die, gebruikmakend van SAP’s kwaliteitsprincipes, op een effectieve manier software weten te implementeren die zich kenmerkt door veeleisende complexe technische processen en bedrijfsprocessen.

Onderstaand vindt u het persbericht over de bekendmaking van de vier winnaars van de SAP Quality Awards 2007: “SAP Honors European Customers for Quality Excellence”

SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) today announced the winners of the European SAP Quality Awards 2007, honored at a private awards ceremony at the Strahov Monastery, Prague on June 21. A key element of SAP’s quality program, the Quality Awards are designed to celebrate customers who, using SAP’s quality principals, effectively manage software implementations marked by complex technical and business process requirements.

Selected from more than 50 entries across Europe, 11 finalists were pre-selected to present their projects to the judging panel. All of the finalists demonstrated quality processes had been integrated into the early stages of project planning, as well as into their ongoing daily activities. Each of the entries highlighted action plans, supported by top management with built-in quality measures and check-points.

With only four awards, the panel faced a difficult decision selecting from the many impressive quality approaches. The winners are as follows:

  • Global implementations: TNT Express ICS Ltd., the Netherlands
  • Local implementations: NATS, United Kingdom
  • Implementations for companies with less than 500 employees: ESB Independent Energy, Ireland
  • Upgrades: Decathlon, France

Among the finalists were Heineken Italia Spa, GlaxoSmithKline, BP International Ltd, EDF, Anglian Water Service Ltd, and Schneider Electric.

The award winners were selected by an expert judging panel including SAP partners Accenture, Axon Group plc, Atos Origin, Cap Gemini, Deloitte, IBM and industry IT experts from Syntec-Informatique, Sheffield Hallam University, the British Quality Foundation and ComputerWorld UK. The awards recognize SAP customers’ ability to deliver quality excellence through a formally managed quality process, from planning through to implementation and delivery of SAP solutions. Key judging criteria include:

· Visible proof of 10 quality principles defined by SAP for program management (for more information, see http://www.sapqualityawards.com/pdf/QA_Principles_Flyer_single.pdf)

  • A quality plan that spans eight areas for success (architecture/IT strategy; program/project management; function/integration readiness; organizational change management; support readiness; solution feasibility; technical readiness; operational readiness)
  • A formal and documented process that shows how the quality plan is created, updated, monitored and reported in collaboration with all relevant parties.

“Following on from this year’s success, we plan to expand the awards to include all of

EMEA in 2008, with the goal of building a community of thought leaders,” said Ferri Albolhassan, executive vice president, Large Enterprise, SAP EMEA. “In partnership with our expert judging panel, we will continue to support our customers and recognize those who have turned excellence into the extraordinary, thanks to a formal quality process.”

Global Implementations: TNT Express ICS Ltd.

TNT Express ICS Ltd. impressed the panel with a first-year rollout of back-office functionality across 25 countries. The project team used quality principles to direct a meaningful methodology that delivered results, which met pre-defined quality standards. The early attention to data migration was one example of exception control over success. Bi-monthly involvement of the CEO, along with proactive risk management, ensured continuous adherence to the quality process.

Local Implementations: NATS

In the local implementations category, NATS demonstrated their success through clear quality measures. The project involved a back-office functionality implementation which is already delivering measurable benefits. The system go-live was a great success with 1,100 users accessing the software within the first two hours. NATS ensured quality by establishing project management tools, including people assessment and two-axis process scales to administer the quality of their deliverables and process adherence. All deliverables had formal project structures, escalation paths and plans to take actions quickly when needed.

Implementations for Companies with Less than 500 Employees: ESB Independent Energy

ESB Independent Energy successfully implemented end-to-end utilities billing functionality. With only 70 employees, the project was successfully executed within 10 months without issues or performance dips. The company took a pragmatic approach to reduce risk by implementing tools and processes in accordance with the SAP quality principles. While the approach was scaled down to fit a smaller organization, functionality to support operating in dual regulatory environments and dual currencies was implemented. Using an exemplary governance model, the project was executed with the same rigor as adopted for a larger implementation.

Upgrades: Decathlon

Facing a very complicated upgrade of retail functionality from SAP, Decathlon not only upgraded but also built a ‘tool kit’ to fast-track future upgrade projects. With focus on processes, clear reporting lines and identification of methods for upgrades, Decathlon successfully delivered expected results.

Each of the award winners received a trophy, and all of the 11 finalists were awarded a certificate to acknowledge their leadership in managing quality processes throughout their software implementations.