BusinessObjects™ Metadata Management XI 3.0 Enables Comprehensive Data Governance With Easier Access to Metadata Across Heterogeneous Applications

Introduces Industry’s First “Metapedia” to Translate Metadata into Business Terms

Las VegasBusiness Objects, an SAP (NYSE: SAP) company, today announced the availability of BusinessObjects™ Metadata Management XI 3.0, software that enables organizations to support data governance by providing a central view of metadata assets and their relationships. By bringing all metadata from disparate tools and sources into one unified repository, customers gain the transparency necessary to successfully govern their enterprise data. Metadata Management XI 3.0 includes the industry’s first “metapedia” – an encyclopedia that translates metadata into business definitions, allowing for easier navigation and data discovery by business users. The announcement was made at SAP® TechEd 2008, being held in Las Vegas, Nevada, Sept. 8–12.

Metadata provides information about data from across the enterprise, enabling IT professionals to better understand the business content, origin and context of any corporate, operational or technical data. Providing customers with improved capabilities to understand and manage metadata is a necessary first step for any successful data-driven initiative including business intelligence (BI), data migration or data quality. Only with this insight into metadata can companies successfully implement a data governance strategy, which will help ensure compliance by delivering trusted, well-understood information to business users. With Metadata Management XI 3.0, customers can now bring metadata together in one place regardless of whether it comes from Business Objects products or other vendors’ BI, data integration or data modeling tools.

Included in Metadata Management XI 3.0 is the industry’s first “metapedia” – a business metadata encyclopedia for richer metadata discovery. Users are able to create and populate metapedias with a business glossary of terms that describe their business data, and organize these terms hierarchically by subject areas or business units. These users can then develop a standard vocabulary of words, phrases and business concepts, so that metadata is associated with particular terms. With this capability, customers can now proactively address compliance mandates and bridge the gap between business and IT users.

“The new metapedia functionality in the latest version of Metadata Management will support our data governance programs because we will be able to name a term and enter a detailed description with synonyms against it,” said William Robinette, manager, Business Intelligence Systems, Advance Auto Parts.

Fully integrated with BusinessObjects XI 3.0, the industry’s first unified BI platform, Metadata Management XI 3.0 provides a single point of administration across a broad spectrum of deployment scenarios, taking advantage of the platform’s security services and scalable platform architecture. For example, Metadata Management XI 3.0 works seamlessly with the BI platform to verify and authorize user actions, which ensures only authorized users can access sensitive business data within Metadata Management XI 3.0. Tighter integration with the platform also provides businesses with a simplified user interface to view metadata and better understand data lineage and context.

“Our customers are constantly facing the challenge of managing information from various data sources, technologies and systems,” said Marge Breya, general manager and executive vice president, Business Intelligence Platform, Business Objects, an SAP company. “They are looking to gain access to unified, reliable and trusted information via an intuitive user experience. With today’s announcement, we are helping organizations to bridge the information divide between the ‘technically capable’ and the ‘professionally informed’ so that everyone can have the decision-quality information they need to do their jobs.”

Metadata Management XI 3.0 customers are provided expanded platform support beyond Microsoft Windows and Apache Tomcat to include: UNIX operating systems (Linux, Solaris and IBM AIX), as well as other application servers, such as IBM WebSphere, Oracle BEA WebLogic and Oracle Application Server.


Metadata Management XI 3.0 is generally available today from Business Objects and its broad set of partners and software resellers. For more information, please visit www.businessobjects.com.

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