Sodexo Netherlands streamlines HR processes with SAP SuccessFactors

Cloud platform brings managers and employees together and provides self-service

‘s-Hertogenbosch, 14 November 2018 – Sodexo Nederland has standardised a number of its most important HR processes with SAP SuccessFactors. The cloud platform increases the efficiency of HR processes and gives employees and line managers more insight and control over their own HR processes. It also provides the basis for future innovations. Capgemini supported the technical and organisational implementation.

Sodexo is the global market leader in Quality of Life services. The company specialises in, among other things, food services and integrated facility management for various types of organisation, from schools, hospitals and offices to government buildings and prisons. Due to the nature of the work, a large number of Sodexo’s employees usually work on site at the customer’s premises. Nevertheless, the organisation must be able to operate efficiently and as a single team.

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In the old situation that was a challenge. In terms of efficiency, there was clearly room for improvement. “Many HR processes were carried out using physical forms, with the HR business partner acting as an intermediary. As a result, it was not always clear to those involved what the status was,” says Alice Diels, HR director at Sodexo Netherlands. Transparency was also a challenge. Sodexo is structured into various teams that serve the customer on location. The right information about employees is essential for first line managers and their managers.”

There was therefore a great need for an HR environment that brings the information together, increases transparency and simplifies and standardises processes. Sodexo Netherlands chose SAP SuccessFactors. In March 2018, the new cloud platform went live for the organisation in one go.

“This was preceded by thorough preparation”, says Judith Blom, Senior Consultant Digital HR at Capgemini. “We first defined the most important HR processes that could be standardized. We then created support among the line managers. Mainly by informing them very well about the upcoming changes. We put a lot of energy into this. Finally, a call centre has been set up where managers and employees can ask their questions.”

More efficient and transparent
The arrival of SuccessFactors has greatly simplified many HR processes for employees. Many things can be handled on their own initiative, via a portal. They have access to their bank and address details in a secure environment and can consult their pay slip.

Managers will also reap the benefits of the new cloud platform once they get used to it, says Diels: “They have direct insight into their team composition. They can also initiate processes themselves, such as changing hours. SuccessFactors has thus increased the transparency and efficiency of HR processes for both employees and managers”.

Everything according to the standard
The new cloud platform also brought many organisational changes. With the arrival of SuccessFactors, Sodexo has standardized the most important HR processes for the organization. That did require a different mindset. Blom: “Previously, Sodexo Netherlands based its own processes, wishes and requirements on these, and then searched for the most suitable solution. In case of further development, this can lead to the fact that it is not possible to rely on more cost-efficient, already available standard solutions. The implementation of SuccessFactors has led to thinking much more about the possibilities offered by the system. Together with Sodexo, we have adapted all HR processes as much as possible to the best practices of SuccessFactors. That saves a lot of customization.”

Diels complements: “In addition, we are now investing in the improvements of the qualitative contact moments between HR and our internal customers. The direct contact, which is still needed, must be really good. We can now focus much more on this, because, thanks to the automation, HR support is no longer required for many processes.”

Data analysis
In the near future, Sodexo will be looking at how it can make even better use of the functionality of SuccessFactors. Special attention will be paid to the possibilities around data analysis. “Managers can then make better informed decisions based on insights from data. That is what we want to focus on in the coming period.”

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