BAM Infra: ‘There is more to laying asphalt than you think’.

BAM Infra, The Netherlands takes care of the infrastructural connections in our country. It is a subsidiary of Royal BAM Group, which combines operating companies in two sectors: Construction & Property and Infrastructure. In 2018, BAM Infra took the step towards standardization and harmonization of the financial processes that affect various production processes.

Asphalting process

In order to gain a good insight into the area in which BAM Infra has taken major steps through standardization, including in the asphalting project, it is important to understand what is involved in asphalting. Peter de Haan, Business Information Analyst at BAM Infra, explains the complexity and uniqueness of the process: “The asphalting process is very dynamic. In most projects, you know in advance what resources you will need on a particular day, but something can change at the last minute. Asphalt is made on the day itself. In this way it can happen that you want to produce more or that you can’t do more because it’s starting to rain”.

In such cases, you need a lot of paperwork to clarify exactly what has been laid, what has been purchased and what the difference is between the two. This coordination is crucial for all parties in the production process. De Haan zooms in on this: “If you look at the dynamics and the need for good coordination for the production process, accuracy is extremely important. With the implementation of S/4HANA, all data has become clear to everyone in the production process and therefore the margin of error is much lower than before the implementation”.

Company-wide change

The entire company has switched to Agile working, which, according to De Haan, has contributed significantly to the success of the project. “Two years ago, we switched completely to Agile working. As a result, we have a demo every two weeks in which all stakeholders are updated. This has made coordination with other teams much more flexible because you are all together at a certain point in time,” explains De Haan.

BAM Infra does this in the form of ‘scaled agile’ in which everyone works at a location with the same planning. Every quarter there is a big room planning. De Haan elaborates on this: “We all spent a day in the process to get an even better picture and feeling. Every quarter we, as stakeholders, meet for a big room planning in which we determine the planning and the strategy.”


With the help of SAP S/4HANA, BAM Infra has taken concrete steps in the field of digital building with BIM 5D. This also involves planning and costs for the production process. This did not apply to the asphalting project, but to the process that has been put in place within the company, whereby various disciplines have been brought together and work better together. This foundation makes the company ready for the (digital) future.