Skantrae, part of Deli Home Group, builds dealer portal with SAP Fiori Cloud

‘s-Hertogenbosch, November 2019 – Being able to answer customer questions quickly and correctly is crucial. A customer who has to wait for a satisfactory answer is a prey for the competitor. The innovative door supplier Skantrae prevents this with the SAP Fiori Cloud based portal ‘MijnSkantrae’. Dealers will find all the information they need here to do business quickly.

With a market share of 85 percent, Skantrae is without doubt the largest supplier of doors and accessories in the Netherlands and Belgium. The company from Zevenaar supplies its products to consumers via DIY stores. For the professional market, Skantrae has a network of around 700 dealers who deliver on customer order to, for example, construction companies.

In order to provide the professional customers with extra service, the company offers ‘project services’. “There is always a shortage of professionals in the construction industry. That’s why we offer help, for example by measuring all the doors at a new building location. We then deliver the doors with a ‘hanging instruction’,” says Frank van Putten, Head of Marketing at Deli Home to which Skantrae belongs. “We take work away from the construction industry, as it were.”

My Skantrae
In order to serve the professional market even better, Skantrae has built a portal where dealers can find all the information they need to serve their end customers optimally. In My Skantrae, for example, they can see which doors are available, what the costs are and how long the delivery time is.

“My Skantrae will be the central place where the dealer can find all the information, for example with regard to stocks, prices and invoices”, says Van Putten. This offer is constantly being expanded, including an image database, chatbot, information about the loyalty programme and training materials from the Skantrae Academy. In addition, there are plans to facilitate ‘buyer choice’ via the portal. A future occupant of a new home can then choose the doors and fittings via the portal.

“The information is also available in the evenings and weekends, which has enabled us to extend our opening hours”, continues Van Putten. “Dealers can answer customer questions directly. In this way, they keep up the speed. And our office staff has more time for answering the really complicated questions.”

SAP Fiori
Skantrae wanted to fill in the ‘administrative part’ of the portal with a scalable, fast and reliable standard solution. The door supplier opted for SAP Fiori Cloud. This solution is linked via an SAP integration layer to the SAP ERP system that forms Skantrae’s back-end. The website with the ‘pictures and talks’ where the dealer can place orders has been built with Magento.

The selection and implementation of SAP Fiori Cloud was done in close cooperation with SAP partner Xperi. Van Putten: “We do not have a central ICT department ourselves. Xperi has fulfilled that role for us for years. This partner is familiar with all our processes and has once again ensured that the implementation went entirely according to plan.”

Wider roll-out
The success of My Skantrae has not gone unnoticed. The successful implementation was rewarded with an SAP Quality Award for ‘Innovation’. The other companies within the Deli Home group are also enthusiastic. Van Putten: “Skantrae was the testing ground at Deli Home. Now that the portal has proven itself, we are rolling out the concept to other product groups. The Sanitary product group is now live with an online portal.”

Watch the SKANTRAE  video here!