Ny country manager i Finland

OsloIn line with SAP’s international organisational reform, Reino Pekkala, engineer and the Professional Services Director of SAP Finland Oy and SAP’s Nordic organisation since 2000, has been appointed Country Manager in Finland.

SAP has executed a large-scale reform, SAP and its products and services are now performing extremely well. The company is currently in a phase, where the new Nordic organisation and business operation model is implemented full-scale.

Traditionally, SAP’s market share on major customer markets has been extremely high, and in recent years, the company has successfully built a strong position as the innovative solution provider for small and growing companies. The objective of the organisational reform is to speed up customers’ access to new products and services.

Nordic countries are the forerunner in this change, and it is the responsibility of Reino Pekkala to establish the new operation’s model in Finland.

“In the future, we will carry out a major part of our business operations together with the company’s current customers. At the moment, the most important task for us is to help our present customers to benefit from their SAP investments as much as possible, and to establish our position as the service provider for growing companies,” says Reino Pekkala.