Retailers We Love to Love: Building Brand Loyalty

Radiocasts | July 25, 2012 by Bonnie D. Graham

Attention, retailers! We know it’s tougher than ever to turn customers into loyal evangelists for your brand. The experts say:

Christine B. Whittemore: “The winners in retail today are retailers who understand that the customer calls the shots. Few retailers can compete strictly on price…”

Brian Kilcourse: “Retailers have a big opportunity to re-define the in-store experience by making it a part of the world that today’s consumers operate in.”

Lisa Joy Rosner: “Where business intelligence provides the rearview mirror to what has happened, social intelligence is what’s happening right now. C2B (customer to business) is the new world order.”

Mark Johnson: “Why is it so hard to ‘listen’ to our customers, when we ‘heard’ what they said?”

Jon Wurfl: “If word of mouth remains the most powerful marketing influence, do shoppers with large social networks, and maybe loudmouth friends, make better purchasing decisions?”

Join us for more insights that can change the game for you and your customers.

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