Rise of the Machines: Coming to a smart city near you

Radiocasts | August 8, 2012 by Bonnie D. Graham

M2M. Rise of the machines. The promise of a world of connected devices, where machines of all types and sizes can autonomously communicate with each other.

Don’t believe it’s a reality yet? Global M2M revenue is projected to soar from $121 million in 2010 to $948 billion by 2020, the year Ericsson predicts the number of connected devices will reach 50 billion. Our experts have a lot to say.

Jason Sumner, EIU: “M2M is going to be big. We have heard this before but there are reasons to believe it’s different this time.”

Joe Dignan, Ovum: “When is M2M not M2M? I would suggest a lot of the time. There are fully automated processes but a great many examples of what I am told is M2M needs a human ‘guiding mind’ somewhere in the interaction.”

Fergus O’Reilly, SAP: “Customers no longer buy products, they buy experiences. This is the real driver for the move to ‘Everything-as-a-Service’.”

Join us for their insights on M2M Rise of the Machines: Coming to a smart city near you.

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