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Radiocasts | January 14, 2014 by Bonnie D. Graham

Today’s buzz: Getting social. Tell the truth. When it comes to “social status”, is your company a hider or seeker? The experts speak:

Michael Miscisin, Ernst & Young: “Social media can no longer be the purview of the summer intern, a small group in marketing, or outsourced to a PR agency. The ‘Social Enterprise’ is a concept that leverages the full scale of any company, to build trusted relationships that benefit each function, division, business unit, and geography.”

Alan Lepofsky, Constellation Research: “Changing to ‘social’ just for the sake of it is a losing strategy. You need to have a plan that maps the right tools as solutions to specific problems. No one tool is going to solve everything.”

Anthony Leaper, SAP: “By using the label ‘social enterprise’, are we in danger of focusing on it in isolation of the bigger picture, thus potentially diminishing its value? After all, social + nothing = 0. We can all be ‘Social’!”

Join us for The Rise of the Social Enterprise: What’s Up?

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