Robots, BMWs, and a Mars Rover

Feature Article | March 7, 2013 by Heather McIlvaine

BMW Connected Drive

BMW Connected Drive

Whether it’s CeBIT, SAPPHIRE NOW, or Mobile World Congress, for many event-goers, the process is always the same: Locate the nearest coffee machine, check the snack tables regularly for a fresh wave of appetizers, and perhaps catch a demo or two in between. If something manages to break the pattern, it had better be impressive. The SAP stand at this year’s CeBIT was just that, according to our conversations with some attendees. Besides the usual iPad and tablet demos, the stand – featuring the motto “Share your Dreams” – included a number of SAP HANA showcases. Thus, visitors could see exactly how much energy any given household on the New York City island of Manhattan consumes, simply by swiping across a large touchscreen table. Even Werner Brandt, SAP CFO, could be seen touring the SAP Futuremart showcase, a collaboration with Samsung that offers a glimpse into the future of mobile shopping.

Take a look at these highlights and others in our photo gallery:

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