Role of Internal Audit: GRC Police or Driver?

Radiocasts | May 14, 2013 by Bonnie D. Graham

Today’s buzz: Internal Audit Truth time: Do your Board of Directors and Audit Committee understand the internal audit role and what your internal auditors really do? Is the Audit Committee weak or strong? If internal auditors are your heroes, are they unsung or celebrated? The experts speak.

John Fraser, Hydro One Networks: “Part of what distinguishes high reliability organizations from other organizations is the extent to which they obsess about the question of what they ignore.” (Managing the Unexpected by Karl Weick and Kathleen Sutcliff, University of Michigan Business School)

Renee Murphy, Forrester: “Trust is not a control, luck is not a strategy.”

Norman Marks, SAP: “Internal audit has two roles: to inform the board and top management (does the organization have adequate processes for risk and compliance management?) and to persuade (help management improve those systems with both recommendations and cheerleading).”

Join us for The Role of Internal Audit: GRC Police or Driver?

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