SAP Game-Changers Radio 2016 Predictions – Part 3

Radiocasts | December 16, 2015 by Bonnie D. Graham

The buzz: The future is almost here!

Searching for a crystal ball to see what 2016 holds for your company, industry and the world?

We’ve got the next best thing: our 3-part Predictions Special bringing you insights from a total of 47 thought leaders covering the technologies, strategies, and trends that can help you grow and compete better in 2016 and beyond.

Pour a cup of Joe, Earl, or Dom, and join us for SAP Game-Changers Radio 2016 Predictions – Part 3 live!

Featured guests: Russ LeFevre, Cisco; Martin Wezowski, SAP; Chris Mark, SAP; Pat Saporito, SAP; Eleanor Treharne-Jones, Truste,com; Alex Bennell, Capgemini; Val Srinivas, Deloitte; Anthony Abbatiello, Deloitte; Frank Diana, TCS; Barbara Giamanco, Social Centered Selling; Jackie Ato, SAP; Nick Robinson, SAP; Joe Barkai, Industry Analyst; Susan Lucas-Conwell, Growth Resources Inc.; Bianca McCann, SAP; Puneet Suppal, SAP.

Wishing you sparkling holidays and a stellar New Year from SAP Game-Changers Radio!

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