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SAP Influencers: Follow Bernd Leukert, Thomas Saueressig, Björn Goerke

Feature Article | March 16, 2018 by Andreas Schmitz

Many managers at SAP are active on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter and in the online SAP community, enabling them to share information and opinions with their followers directly.

Let us introduce you to some of them.

Bernd Leukert

Bernd Leukert

The member of the Executive Board of SAP SE for Products & Innovation regularly posts in the SAP Community and on LinkedIn  about the latest trends in digitalization and the technology sector, addressing, for example, why technology alone is not enough, intelligent enterprise essentials, and Big Data.

Leukert frequently uses Twitter to post about notable innovation topics, from digitalization, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Big Data to machine learning and blockchain.

Topics: Digitalization, IoT, Big Data, machine learning, blockchain

Thomas Saueressig

Thomas Saueressig

Representing millennials, the global chief information officer at SAP uses LinkedIn and Twitter on a daily basis. Instead of writing long pieces explaining his views, he retweets posts, comments, and shares exciting observations with his followers.

Saueressig is interested in artificial intelligence (AI) as a driver of economic development, the significance of cloud computing, and the effect of SAP Cloud Platform on innovation. Of course, when the CIO and his opinions do feature in an article, he shares it with his followers as well.

Topics: innovation, leadership, cloud computing, AI, digitalization

Björn Goerke

Björn Goerke

The chief technology officer and president SAP Cloud Platform uses YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and is especially active when it comes to significant technological developments.

Followers can find out his views on SAP Cloud Platform, the partnership with Google, SAP HANA, machine learning, and much more. In case you missed it, his unforgettable appearance as Captain Kirk at last year’s SAP TechEd is also online.

Topics: technologies, innovations, SAP Cloud Platform, @SAPMentors

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