SAP TV: Autism at Work

Video | July 26, 2013 by SAP News

SAP-TV_AutismInnovation comes from the edges. That’s why SAP plans to recruit hundreds of people with autism, making use of their unique talent for information technology. At SAP Labs India, six people with autism have already been hired.

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  1. Ute Lehmann

    I have Aspergers’ syndrome too. My speach is similar to this man. I never had been coached, I always have been hindered..even the diagnosis is only “autistic traits”–that medical service in Germany. I have been told what I have as I was looking for medical advices in several self-help-groups for parents with autistic children. My children have been in special school without a diagnosis. I got them out from there with extreme difficulties and four of them have got a university-entrance diploma. On university they are not coached there. I think children develop better when they are raised by their autistic parents themselves.I hope that one day all autistic children students and grownups get coached really. If universities would coach autistic students then research would get super. I thank SAP by heart (we autistic have one!) for that change in society. Iḿ running myself an application in germany. But what SAP has done has a big effect on other employers- so that I can tell what I am in applications, I m Aspie’ and I ‘m good! Society has Aspies and this is good. Many famous researchers were autistic and society benefits on them, So let tell the society that they should not put Aspies and Autistic in trash cans like specialschools, handicapped homes and other prision like facilities–and abolish this treatment the “sane” do to the “insane”. A little bit charity and all will benefit !(You see on the success of SAP !!!)

  2. Chris Oliver

    Amazing to hear this. I am a person with Asperger’s who works in IT. I have always thought that the IT industry is not just a compatible environment for ASD, but the ASD natural habitat.
    To see a company make a pledge like this is unprecedented and marks a paradigm shift in the way our industry views a condition for which many in the workforce have.
    Asperger’s is my biggest strength, not my biggest weakness
    SAP have recognized the strengths of ASD in this recruitment drive.

  3. Ute Lehmann

    Asperger’s is a big strength. Strenght in maths and informatic and data themes. This should be seen and appreciated. These small shortcomings in social and language skills should be apologized by the “normals” or “neurotypicals”. The normals often are weak in all maths themes and they dont go to a doctor because of their maths problem nor seen as disabled. Aspies should have a higher self-esteem -they deserve appreciation.

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