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Feature Article | May 18, 2010 by Frank Voelkel

Tag Null auf der SAPPHIRE NOW im Sonnenstaat Florida (Foto: Frank Völkel)

All quiet on the front: Day Zero at SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando, Florida (Photo by Frank Völkel)

Orlando, Florida. At the annual SAPPHIRE NOW conference, company representatives have come together to discuss current and upcoming software implementations. The main topic of the event is the SAP product portfolio, which has taken a completely new direction through the acquisition of companies like Business Objects (2008) and Sybase (later this year).

On “Day Zero,” the Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG) met in smaller groups to discuss current topics from a customer perspective. Of great interest was the road map for the SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI) platform, which will take the place of tools based on the SAP NetWeaver technology platform in the coming years. SAP is very clearly aligning its BI strategy to the solutions from Business Objects. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that many of the participants’ questions were about running SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions in an existing SAP landscape.

Running SAP BusinessObjects solutions in an existing SAP landscape

Running SAP BusinessObjects solutions in an existing SAP landscape

BI Products: Explorer, Crystal Reports, Xcelsius, and Advanced Analysis

The tools and clients presented below are some of the currently available BI products in the Business Objects portfolio.

1. SAP BusinessObjects Explorer software: Used to inspect and query specific records. This tool can now also be used through an app on the iPhone and iPad, and is quite unique in the market. All its potential functionality, however, has yet to be tapped.

2. Crystal Reports software: Established itself in the market as a family of tools for creating all types of business reports. Crystal Reports is available in all applications – from the top-of-the-line industry software SAP Business All-in-One to the powerful Business Suite 7. It accesses all SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) and ERP data. SAP NetWeaver BW is currently in Version 7.2 – the new Version 7.3 is set to launch near the end of 2010. Crystal Reports can also share data with other clients like SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Analysis software. SAP has stopped development of the older SAP BEx report designer tool.

3.  SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence software: SAP users can quickly and easily create instant reports with this well known tool.

4. Xcelsius software: An interactive visualization and control center. This tool is gradually replacing the widely used BEx Web application designer tool.

5. SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Analysis: This tool can be integrated into the core business processes of Business Suite 7 and Business ByDesign. A final version of the software is expected near the end of 2010.

An overview of business analytics tools – the old tools (in blue) are gradually being phased out.

An overview of business analytics tools – the old tools (in blue) are gradually being phased out.

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  1. Marianne Labuschagne

    We are business objects and BI Netweaver v7 clients. I can not find a clear roadmap that will help us shape our roadmap and provide clarity on products such as federator.

  2. Bob Sonntag

    We are a BI NetWeaver v7 client. Our users access BEx-built reports through the SAP Enterprise portal. I would like to see more detail on what appears to be a coming forced migration from the BEx tools to the Business Objects offerings.

    The last sentence in item 2 above (Crystal Reports software) has me wondering about the time between BEx development stopping and when the BEx products will no longer be supported.

    Just how big is this change going to be to our environment?

    Also beginning to wonder that if Crystal Reports and its various bits will do all of what is claimed, does one really need to implement the SAP BI data model for what’s basically a BI reporting only system.

  3. Christoph Zeidler,

    This article provides a high-level overview only and focuses on what was presented at the ASUG conference. In case you have any further questions, please reach out to your designated SAP representative who will be happy to go through the BI roadmap with you in more detail.

    To learn the contact information for a specific country or region office, please click here.

  4. Logesh

    Any idea, what is Infoview called in XI4.0 release and what additional features included in it compared to xi3.1 ?

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