Nine Asia Pacific market leaders power next-generation Internet strategies with mySAP.com Marketplace

Business Focus Group, Hitachi Electronic Devices, icFox.com, Larsen and Toubro, Singapore
Contractors Association, Supervalue Inc./eCOM, Trigem Korea, Thomson Multimedia, UIC Network Distribution

Brisbane, QueenslandToday at SAPPHIRE 2000 Brisbane, SAP Asia Pacific announced that nine leading companies across Asia Pacific have made the decision to enable their business strategies with mySAP.com Marketplace technology. Market makers include Larsen and Toubro (Hi-Tech Marketplace in India), icFox (pan Asian Engineering and Construction Marketplace), eCOM (Retail/CPG in Philippines), Business Focus Group (Naval Engineering and Construction in Malaysia) and Singapore Contractors Association Limited (Singapore Construction Marketplace). Channel Masters include Supervalue Inc. (Retail/CPG), Hitachi Electronic Devices Singapore (Electronics), Trigem Korea (Hi-Tech), Thomson Multimedia (Consumer Electronics), who are driving their supply chain strategies through mySAP.com Marketplace. In Singapore, UIC, one of the largest IT suppliers has agreed to join the Marketplace. SAP also announced the mySAP.com Marketplace powered by Telstra with ten major enterprises. (See related announcement “Ten major Australian corporations enter mySAP.com Marketplace powered by Telstra”).

In e-Marketplaces, Market Makers play a key role in creating and operating either vertical or horizontal Marketplaces as a business. Channel Masters are companies who create value through their supply chain or ecosystem, comprising of customers, suppliers, partners and other external agencies.

The SAP Marketplace vision comprises several parts. First, SAP provides the technology to build Marketplace software infrastructure. On top of this infrastructure, SAP provides the vertical and horizontal applications that enable collaboration and integration across an industry where e-Procurement is one such collaborative application. Second, mySAP.com Marketplaces provides an unprecedented level of openness that enables integration to SAP and non-SAP users. Third, SAP enables marketplaces to be linked into a virtual consortium to facilitate commerce globally.

“The original Marketplace concept was to achieve operational efficiencies by streamlining inter-enterprise processes where the most visible Marketplace application is e-procurement. SAP has gone far beyond this by enabling companies to create significant value through close collaboration on the mySAP.com Marketplace,” said Les Hayman, President & CEO of Asia Pacific.

mySAP.com Marketplace technology is unique because in addition to providing Marketplace infrastructure and applications, only SAP can power Marketplaces with a set of robust and powerful industry solutions that enable inter-enterprise commerce and collaboration. mySAP.com applications currently provide 120 collaborative scenarios across 20 industries, from automotive to utilities.

“Companies in Asia Pacific realise that the key to unlocking value via the Internet is accomplished by working together with their partners, suppliers and customers to achieve common business objectives. Common business objectives include the desire to reduce inventory in the supply-chain, or achieve better margins by effectively working together on a complex engineering or construction project. SAP calls this collaborative commerce, and mySAP.com Marketplace is the point of integration and collaboration for industries,” said Martin Breuer, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Regional Support, SAP Asia Pacific.

Participants in mySAP.com Marketplace Manufacturing:

  • Hitachi Electronic Devices
    Hitachi Electronic Devices,
    manufacturer of color display tubes for monitors, in Singapore and Malaysia
    is embarking on their e-supply chain management strategy through mySAP.com
    Marketplace. Hitachi Electronic Devices Singapore plans to implement both
    direct material purchasing as well as MRO purchasing with over 30 suppliers
    in Asia. “Hitachi Electronic Devices has a unique business, that can only
    be fulfilled by a few strategic suppliers. Our e-supply chain management goal
    is to quickly enable collaborative planning with our suppliers with mySAP.com
    Marketplace,” said Mr Chong Yong Min, Deputy General Manager, Business Operations,
    Hitachi Electronic Devices Singapore.

  • Trigem, Korea
    Trigem Information Consulting Korea, an innovative solution provider in the
    Hi-Tech industry, is partnering SAP Korea to deploy an e-supply chain management
    strategy through mySAP.com Marketplace for Trigem Korea, leading PC manufacturer.
    Trigem Korea plans to implement direct material base buying and selling with
    about three to five suppliers in Korea. “Trigem’s business requirements are
    unique and through the mySAP.com Marketplace, we will be able to better collaborate
    with our partners and customers,” said YS Choi, CIO of Trigem Korea.

  • Thomson Multimedia
    It is envisaged that mySAP.com Marketplace powered by Telstra (MPT) will be
    part of a federation of Marketplaces across the globe that will include HUBWOO.com
    (www.hubwoo.com) in Europe. This agreement will enable SAP’s global customers
    to manage their e-supply chain anywhere anytime. One such participant on this
    virtual global marketplace is THOMSON multimedia .With sales of 6.7 billion
    Euros (U.S. $6.5 billion) in 1999 and 55,000 employees in over 30 countries,
    THOMSON multimedia is the fourth largest world-wide supplier of consumer electronics
    products. SAP and HUBWOO.com already share their technological and marketing
    experience in Europe to bring their clients an operational and scalable optimisation
    solution for their MRO purchases.

Construction & Engineering

  • Singapore Contractors Association
    The Singapore Contractors Association Limited (SCAL) and industry partners
    are collaborating with SAP to deliver a Construction portal using mySAP.com
    for the AU$15 billion Singapore Construction industry. The business-to-business
    portal will initially link over 400 companies in the construction value chain
    including property developers, main contractors, sub-contractors, architects,
    engineers and building material suppliers, enabling them to manage every facet
    of their business through the Internet from communication and collaboration
    to managing business processes, materials sourcing, tender bidding and accessing
    industry-specific news.

    The multibillion dollar construction industry is characterized by massive
    paperwork, multiple time schedules, complex procurement processes and distributed
    project participants. SAP is facilitating a new wave of e-business practices
    in the construction community enabling them to stay nimble in the face of
    increased competition by reducing paperwork, sharing live project plans, standardizing
    procurement practices and connecting remote project participants online.

  • Larsen & Toubro
    Larsen & Toubro Ltd. (L&T), India’s Engineering and Construction conglomerate
    and one of country’s oldest and most respected companies is working with SAP
    to deploy mySAP.com Marketplace for their over 1000 vendors and stockists
    in their electrical business, the L&T Electrical Business Group. With the
    mySAP.com Marketplace, L&T will be able to exchange all business documents
    electronically and more importantly manage its entire supply chain optimally.
    L&T plans to initially pilot this project with their top five Business Partners.
    LTITL, its software arm shall provide the necessary consultancy and technical
    service to make this happen.

    Mr. A.M Naik, Managing Director and CEO, Larsen & Toubro Ltd. said, “Through
    the mySAP.com Marketplace, L&T has taken a gigantic leap forward in our transformation
    to become a premier knowledge-based conglomerate. The successes that the L&T
    and SAP relationship has had – has pushed us to forge a strategic alliance
    which will benefit both. We see the Marketplace as a an Internet collaborative
    hub that will enhance L&T Electrical Bussiness Group position & enable it
    to excel in the Internet marketplace.”

  • icFox.com
    icFox.com is an internet hub being powered by mySAP.com Marketplace with industry-specific
    e-services for the USD 3.2 trillion global construction industry. It is backed
    by five major industry players including Davis Langdon & Seah Group and the
    Paul Y -ITC Group. Leveraging on mySAP.com and the global presence of SAP
    and the partners, icFox is targeting at reducing the inefficiencies in the
    construction value chain. This e-business platform shall enable collaboration
    between all players in the construction value chain including architects,
    engineers, designers, quantity surveyors, developers, contractors, authorities
    and financial institutions. icFox.com shall provide industry information,
    construction specific e-procurement using Bill of Services, auctions, reverse
    auctions, collaborative project management as well as application hosting
    services for participants at various stages of IT maturity. “By combining
    the collaborative e-business scenarios and industry specific applications
    of mySAP.com with our industry expertise, icFox.com is well positioned to
    lead an old industry into the new economy,” said Tom Lau, CEO of icFox.com.

  • Business Focus Group
    Business Focus Group and SAP is cooperating to build the region’s first collaborative
    portal for the maritime and defense industry, serving the Malaysian market
    and eventually the region. The business-to-business portal, developed for
    the group’s subsidiaries, Penang Shipbuilding & Construction Sdn Bhd (PSC)
    and PSC Naval Dockyard Sdn. Bhd. will integrate the group with its suppliers,
    consultants and sub-contractors in the value chain. Said Yang Berbahagia Dato’
    Amin Shah, Executive Chairman, Business Focus Group said, “The multibillion
    dollar shipbuilding industry is supported by a massive foundation of paperwork
    and arcane business practices of the old economy. This industry needs to shift
    its paradigm across the digital divide to stay competitive and relevant. Business
    Focus Group is pleased to team with SAP Malaysia to bring a new wave of collaborative
    e-business practices to the shipbuilding community, enabling us to stay nimble
    and helping us succeed against global competitors.”


  • Supervalue Net/eCOM
    Supervalue, Inc., trading as SM Supermarket, Super Sale Club and Save More,
    is the leading supermarket chain in the Philippines with 15 branches and a
    distribution center. It is ranked among the top 100 Philippine corporations.
    With its current 500 CPG strong EDI community under SVINet, Supervalue plans
    to integrate the internet channel to further their supply chain network through
    mySAP.com Marketplace. It’s implementation partner, E-Commerce Philippines
    Inc, (eCOM), provides the electronic commerce enabling solutions and services
    for SVINet. eCOM offers full-scale electronic commerce and VASP internet services
    envisioned to increase supply chain efficiencies by accelerating information
    flow as businesses transition from paper to electronic mode transactions.

Value-Added Distributor

  • UIC Network Distribution
    UIC Network Distribution, a value-added Distributor of leading computer software
    and hardware, is participating as a seller on the Marketplace. UIC Network
    Distribution has made its computer product catalogue available online for
    other Marketplace partners purchase for products online.

mySAP.com Marketplaces mySAP.com Marketplaces are Internet hubs for collaborative
business or “c-business”. They enable bilateral and multilateral collaboration
between and among enterprises. With mySAP.com Marketplaces SAP provides community
specific platforms for c-business, i.e. it provides integration on the application

There are already twenty-one Marketplaces worldwide providing commerce, collaboration,
content and community services, which creates value for participants by increasing
efficiencies, developing new business opportunities and reducing cost.

SAP has also announced the mySAP.com Marketplace powered by Telstra. The marketplace
is the result of a SAP and Telstra joint venture announced in January to build
one of the first collaborative commerce business-to-business marketplaces in
South Asia Pacific through mySAP.com. At SAPPHIRE 2000 Brisbane, SAP announced
a number of major corporations have joined the Marketplace as buyers and sellers.
Among the first to join, Qantas, American Express, National Australia Bank,
Citibank and TNT have signed on as service providers; Corporate Express, Harris
Technology and BOC Gases have joined as sellers; and Transfield and CSR will
act as buyers.