SingaporeSAP Asia Pacific, the leading provider of e-business software solutions, and RWD Technologies Inc. today announced the launch of a joint venture company to provide end-user learning services to companies in Asia Pacific. Called SAP Learning Solutions Pte Ltd (SAP Learning Solutions), this strategic partnership provides end-user knowledge transfer, consulting for learning services, human performance improvement and e-learning to both SAP and non-SAP organisations.

Headquartered in Singapore, SAP Learning Solutions aims to bring world-class end-user training and performance support solutions using the methodologies, tools and accelerators, extensive knowledge libraries and e-learning experts to deliver products and services that leverage best practices from the parent organisations, RWD Technologies and SAP Asia Pacific.

SAP Learning Solutions will also house a Centre of Excellence in Singapore that will handle project management, product integration, development, and localization. It will also be staffed by a team of consultants, trainers and technologists who will be involved in the delivery of learning services. SAP Learning Solutions will have an initial regional headcount of 20 people, with plans to expand to 100 people by year-end. The company will also expand into Australia, Japan and India in 2001.

“In the Internet Economy, companies are investing heavily in Information Technology for a competitive edge, but ultimately it is up to the workers to properly utilise IT to enhance job performance and speed business processes. The more quickly workers can understand the power of these new tools and how to optimize their use, the sooner the business gets the return on its investment. Our mission is to provide world-class end user learning solutions, advanced technology tools, and training consulting to help companies maximise their investments in people and technology. In short, we help companies by bringing Technology and People closer together,” said Earl Decker, President & CEO of SAP Learning Solutions.

“SAP chose RWD, the world’s most successful company in the field of end-user support and education to partner with. The combined products and intellectual capital of SAP and RWD will provide the Asia Pacific region with a world-class solution to end-user requirements, at implementation and on an on-going basis,” said Robert Armstrong, Board Member, SAP Learning Solutions and Senior Vice President for Training and Development, SAP Asia Pacific.

According to research firm IDC Asia Pacific, the requirement for IT training will grow as demand for IT professionals in the region increases. IDC forecasts the IT training market for Asia Pacific, excluding Japan, to reach over US$2.5 billion by 2004, with the e-learning segment of this market to grow at an average compound growth rate of 93.7 percent to reach US$235 million by 2004.

“SAP Learning Solutions underlines SAP’s commitment, as the global leading e-business software solutions provider, to increase the overall quality of IT professionals in the Asia Pacific,” said Les Hayman, President and CEO of SAP Asia Pacific and Board Member, SAP AG. “Many governments in the region, like Singapore with its Manpower 21 initiative, have recognised the urgent need for lifelong learning to ensure continuous upgrading of the skillset of their local workforce so that they can be competitive in the global economy. SAP Learning Solutions aims to help develop the IT knowledge and skills of the workforce here so that they can be a critical resource,” said Mr. Hayman.

About RWD Technologies, Inc.
RWD Technologies, Inc. is a professional services company with headquarters in Columbia, Maryland, USA, that provides a broad range of end user performance support and e-Learning solutions to businesses implementing enterprise applications. The corporation has three operational segments: Enterprise Systems Group, Manufacturing Performance Group and Latitude360. Established in 1988, RWD has approximately 1,100 employees located in 18 offices in the United States and in four offices in Europe who provide services that increase productivity and reduce operating cost for companies in more than 20 industries. Information about RWD can be found at the corporation’s World Wide Web site http://www.rwd.com.