Sap sharpens focus on e-Business with two new companies to drive learning services and Internet Marketplaces in Asia Pacific

SAP announces SAP Learning Solutions and SAPMarkets Asia Pacific

SingaporeSAP Asia Pacific (SAP), the leading provider of e-business software solutions, has announced two new companies, SAP Learning Solutions Pte Ltd (SAP Learning) and SAPMarkets Asia Pacific Solutions Pte Ltd (SAPMarkets Asia Pacific), to provide end-user learning services and business-to-business marketplace solutions for the region, respectively.

This move is part of SAP’s strategic goal to build on the momentum of its successful mySAP.com e-business platform. mySAP.com has enabled SAP customers to empower their extended supply chain by helping them focus on streamlining costs, improving customers relations, and gaining transaction efficiencies in supply chain management and procurement.

“Successful companies understand that e-business initiatives are absolutely critical if they want to remain competitive in the global economy, and these companies have turned to mySAP.com to help them fuel their growth. With the launch of SAP Learning and SAPMarkets, SAP is helping these companies on two fronts: by enabling them to extract further value from the Internet; and by empowering their workforce,” said Les Hayman, President and CEO of SAP Asia Pacific and Board Member, SAP AG.

“By delivering e-business services and applications for regional and global trading hubs to customers, SAPMarkets Asia Pacific will empower their entire value chain. And by delivering learning services to their employees, SAP Learning will help customers “upskill” their workforce for the New Economy, and transform them into a critical resource advantage,” said Mr. Hayman.

Headquartered in Singapore, SAP Learning is a learning consulting organization focussed on the end user market. A joint venture company of SAP Asia Pacific and RWD Technologies, SAP Learning aims to help companies optimise employee effectiveness by providing learning services that will equip end users with the knowledge and tools they need to improve their performance and their quality of work.