SAP Launches Next Generation Supply Chain Solution In Asia

SAP to help Asian companies evolve into adaptive supply networks

SingaporeSAP, the world’s leading provider of e-business software solutions today announced the launch of the newly enhanced mySAP Supply™ Chain Management (mySAP SCM) solution to manage adaptive supply chain networks in Asia. The launch was announced at a series of high-level customer seminars held in key Asian markets.

Companies in Asia have only begun ramping up their virtual supply chains in recent years, but still hold the traditional view of the supply chain existing in a rigid linear fashion. The adaptive concept replaces this view with adaptive supply networks, resulting in smarter, faster and more effective management of cross-company manufacturing and logistics to achieve competitive advantage. With the rollout of the enhanced solution, SAP intends to drive the SCM industry forward by helping companies replace current rigid supply chains with adaptive supply networks that can sense and respond to rapidly changing conditions.

The new component under mySAP SCM, known as SAP Event Management enables global visibility through real-time event coordination and management. With SAP Event Management, a supply network can be more responsive to shifts along the network by screening out regular events and triggering automated responses to routine problems, so that employees can focus on value-added activities. Working to preset rules or benchmarks, the applications can respond to process exceptions by running simulations of various resolution scenarios, automatically taking control of the network or sending out alerts to instigate manual intervention for unplanned events. In response to these events, Intelligent Agents will automatically trigger a variety of problem resolution techniques resulting in the elimination of non-value added activities and optimization of the network.

“Supply chains are becoming longer, more complex and more unstable. In these tough times, the search is on for cost savings, better asset utilization and revenue generation opportunities by studying the supply chain. Currently, supply chain management falls short of expectations because it deals only with isolated parts of the networks. In an interconnected global economy, Asian companies need more collaboration with their partners to improve forecasting accuracy and responsiveness with advanced planning and execution, while replacing inventory with information. Companies also need to realize that it is strategically important to link supply chain planning to execution,” said Debashish Chatterjee, Director of Supply Chain Management, Asia Pacific.

SAP has delivered more than 2,000 shipments of mySAP SCM to global companies in numerous industries that can attest to the power and benefit of their mySAP SCM solutions. Two recent surveys from Managing Automation and MSI, leading magazines focused on manufacturing companies, have named SAP a leader in supply chain management and manufacturing software in two separate surveys using different analytics. The annual Software Leaders report is a joint project of Managing Automation and AMR Research, Inc. and the Top 100 is a joint project of MSI magazine and the Plant-Wide Research Group.
mySAP SCM solutions have helped companies such as Hewlett -Packard Co. (HP) reduce order cycles, faster inventory turnaround, and achieve significant cost savings and improved profitability.

“The global deployment of mySAP SCM throughout HP is helping us to operate more efficiently in increasingly complex and competitive environments,” said Craig Flower, vice president and CIO of HP. “We expect to see significantly lower manufacturing cycles and costs, as well as improved on-time customer delivery early on in the deployment of mySAP SCM.”