Asia Pacific Companies Complete Successful CRM Implementations with mySAP CRM

SAP Experiences Strong CRM Momentum by Focusing on Customer Delivery in Asia Pacific

SingaporeSAP Asia Pacific today announced that Asia Pacific companies have successfully deployed mySAP CRM as businesses continue to use CRM to empower employees, customers, and partners in driving the creation and optimization of customer value.Over the past few months, SAP has successfully delivered on CRM implementations for leading companies in the region including Optima Computers, Australia, Unilever Philippines (Philippines), Cheil Jedang (Korea), Tata Telecom (India), Hankuk Glass Industries (Korea), Jebsen & Jessen (Singapore), DCM Sriram (India) and Asian Paints (India). “In 2001, we achieved record CRM growth in Asia Pacific and successfully narrowed the gap to become the number two CRM player in the region (Frost and Sullivan CRM Market Report, June 2002),” said Satyavrath Krishnaswamy, Director, Business Development – CRM, SAP Asia “While we are focusing on securing new customer wins, we have an absolute commitment to delivering to our current customers. This is clearly evidenced by the significant number of successful regional CRM project ‘go lives’ over the past year. The best-run businesses continue to recognise the value of SAP’s open, connected and collaborative e-business solutions.”

Unilever Philippines – Realising Customer Returns in Three Months
“Prior to the mySAP CRM implementation, our customer and consumer care officers browsed through thick books, brochures, various on-line databases and reports to respond to customer inquiries,” said Elfren Samonte, Commercial Director, Unilever Philippines. “Now, they can click on any Unilever product on their computer screen and data about the particular item automatically comes up. This significantly enhances our agents’ ability to respond to customer inquiries fast, accurately, and completely. Previously, monthly calls peaked at 3,000 mySAP CRM increased the company’s call center capability immediately to 5,000 calls per month.” Unilever Philippines went live with mySAP CRM as a standalone application in January 2002 following a three-month implementation period. The company has successfully automated two call centres and improved customer service by integrating disparate product information into a single, user-friendly and intuitive interface. Cheil Jedang – Realising the Benefits of Enterprise-Wide Integration

“A critical factor in the choice of my SAP CRM was the solution’s ability to seamlessly integrate with our backbone ERP System. We viewed end-to-end integration as the only way to realize more efficient corporate-wide business processes and maximize cost-savings,” said Jong Hyun Kim, Senior Vice President and DNS Team Leader, Cheil Jedang. “To ensure that our CRM deployment is customized to our business characteristics and internal environment, we conducted a thorough review of other companies’ failures and key learnings to derive critical success factors. We are already seeing tangible returns as a result of our successful CRM implementation with SAP, and will embark on the remaining parts of the project, including supply chain management, product lifecycle management and enterprise portals.”

As part of the company’s Digital Nervous System (DNS) Program, Cheil Jedang has deployed mySAP CRM as a strategic platform to enhance customer satisfaction by unifying multiple customer touch points and integrating its operations systems for marketing, sales and service.

Jebsen and Jessen South East Asia – Building a People-Centric CRM Culture
“We chose mySAP CRM for its breadth of functionality and its ease of integration with our existing ERP infrastructure. It is the most complete and integrated CRM solution in the market today,” said J. Heinrich Jessen, Executive Vice Chairman, Jebsen & Jessen South East Asia. “Our vision is to drive customer satisfaction to a new plateau at each and every level. By capitalizing on mySAP CRM to build a holistic view of customer information that can be leveraged across all functional divisions, we are able to harness customer intelligence to ensure consistency of customer interactions across all touch points. To ensure that our CRM implementation truly addresses the needs of the organization, we also conducted customer and employee surveys to understand the critical business issues they face and mapped these to our CRM deployment.”

As part of its visionary Customer Care initiative, the company has recently gone ‘live’ with mySAP CRM Internet Sales, Customer Interaction Centre, Campaign Management and Mobile Sales for two of its businesses in Singapore – Jebsen & Jessen Communications (S) and JJ-Degussa Chemicals (S).

Tata Telecom – Building a Holistic Customer Profile through CRM
“The successful go-live with SAP brings about a new way of streamlining business processes for Tata Telecom. Although we are growing rapidly and had a good foundation of Management Information tools in place, it is only until the implementation of mySAP CRM that we are consolidating data across multiple systems on to one common platform. We will now have a single view of the customer,” said Mr Niru Mehta, Vice Chairman, Tata Telecom, a Tata & Avaya Company. “Tata Telecom has rolled out mySAP CRM across nine locations, and plans to further deploy the solution across all its branches, over the next few months.”

Tata Telecom’s current CRM deployment covers its offices in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkatta and Hyderabad

Hankuk Glass Industries (Hanglas) – Driving Customer Satisfaction through Online Self-Service
“Prior to the implementation of mySAP CRM, the three employees at our order center had to handle more than 100 orders per day from 108 customers through telephone and fax. The sheer bulk meant that errors were inevitable and this led to much frustration due to the follow-up required to clarify orders,” said Lee Dong Keun, leader for Partner Relationship Management, Hankuk Glass Industries. “With the recent mySAP CRM go-live, our customers can now independently monitor, check and alter their orders over the Internet. This enables more accurate orders. In addition, we now have a common platform to consolidate all feedback and concerns to constantly track and improve our customer service.”

The new online self-service system is now available for 20 of Hanglas’ customers. All 108 customers are expected to be on the new system by September 2002.

mySAP CRM provides a connected CRM solution that seamlessly aligns people, processes, and knowledge throughout a company’s entire value network around its customers to achieve strategic goals.