Team Synergia to sell, implement mySAP.com in Vietnam

To develop local partner network to facilitate market entry

SingaporeHo Chi Minh City, October 16, 2002 — SAP today announced that Team Synergia, a fully owned subsidiary of consulting firm Magnus Management Consultants, will build a partner network to sell and implement SAP software and products in the Vietnam market.Team Synergia is an SAP certified value-added reseller (VAR), according to SAP managing director for Indochina and the Philippines Ian Black.

Team Synergia managing director Jan Biezepol said the company will provide customers “a robust, complete solution, including mySAP.com licenses, implementation, training and support services.”

Magnus operates in eight countries internationally with major operations in Asia Pacific, and was recently conferred SAP Philippines’ Premium Partner Award for its work implementing SAP in the Philippines, according to Biezepol. The company has extensive experience working with small, midsize, and large corporations and multinationals implementing sophisticated enterprise solutions.

As a VAR partner, Team Synergia is responsible for developing the SAP presence in Vietnam. The company has had similar responsibilities in the Philippines for close to a year. In all countries in which it operates, Team Synergia develops partnerships with local hardware and consulting companies to facilitate the offer of cost effective, total solutions combining software, hardware and services. “We’ll do the same in Vietnam,” Biezepol said.

Biezepol believes Team Synergia is well positioned to deliver on its new mandate. “In less than a year we have made significant inroads into the Philippine market. Now, we look forward to doing the same thing in the exciting, challenging Vietnam market. We’re delighted with this opportunity to bring our solutions and implementation experience to Vietnam, and to make a contribution to building the competitiveness of Vietnamese enterprises and small and midsize firms ,” he said.

Black believes that Vietnam’s companies are ready for sophisticated enterprise systems because they know they need them to stay ahead of looming competition. “It used to be a strategic move when companies shifted to an advanced enterprise system like SAP, but with today’s rapidly changing marketplace, it’s now a necessity for any company that wants to be competitive and to be a part of global supply chains,” he said.

Despite the challenges associated with entering a new market, Biezepol is looking forward to working in Vietnam. “Companies here are already taking a serious look at streamlining processes and resources in order to cope with cost pressures and remain on the positive side of the ledger. Tools providing automation and business solutions are essential to sustain operations in leaner organizations.”