SAP Announces Industry’s Leading Integration and Application Platform SAP® NetWeaver™ in Asia Pacific

Companies Achieve Greater Return on Assets Through Business-Ready Integration

SingaporeSAP Asia today announced the launch of SAP® NetWeaver™, its integration and application platform that will enable companies to integrate people, information, and business processes across technologies and organizations. It enables customers to easily manage heterogeneous IT infrastructures, minimize complexity, reduce total cost of ownership and improve the return on assets.

SAP takes the technology high ground with SAP NetWeaver, designing it to be fully interoperable with Microsoft .NET and IBM WebSphere (J2EE), thus giving customers more flexibility. SAP NetWeaver serves as the business-ready, services-oriented platform or backbone for all SAP solutions, delivering a complete, open, and flexible infrastructure that allows companies to get better returns from existing IT investments. It provides the technology to realize SAP’s new Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA) – an enterprise applications blueprint for turning Web services from a concept into business reality, while at the same time driving down the costs of operations.

“SAP NetWeaver represents a key innovation milestone in SAP’s vision for a new enterprise architecture based on web services. Backed by over 30 years of SAP’s experience in consistently delivering innovative business solutions, SAP NetWeaver enables business integration by unifying and aligning people, information and business processes across all systems (SAP and non-SAP) within the customer’s value chain, thus delivering higher usability, scalability and adaptability. It is today the most comprehensive integration and application platform in the market,” said Simon Dale, Director, Market Development, Global Collaborative Solutions, SAP Asia Pacific.

“In times like these – when budgets are tight and businesses are getting more complex – integration and return on assets are key business priorities. SAP NetWeaver truly delivers on the web services promise to help customers meet these business challenges. By leveraging existing IT investments and unlocking the true potential of all solutions already deployed – SAP and non-SAP, it helps customers to improve their return on assets (ROA), turning their IT assets into a strategic value driver.”

Customer Successes
The National University of Singapore (NUS) has successfully demonstrated people integration through the implementation of mySAP™ Enterprise Portal. With the employee portal, NUS was able to streamline access to applications, services and information sources across a highly heterogeneous IT landscape for over 6,000 staff.

Samsung is among 900 SAP customers in Asia Pacific who have gained competitive advantage from information integration through the implementation of mySAP™ Business Intelligence.

Mahindra & Mahindra, a leading automotive manufacturer in India is planning to streamline collaboration with approximately 1,000 suppliers using the business process integration capabilities within mySAP™ Supplier Relationship Management.

All of the above solutions are powered by SAP NetWeaver.

Customers Can Benefit From SAP NetWeaver Today
Customers can take advantage of SAP NetWeaver in three ways. Firstly, SAP NetWeaver is the technology platform for all SAP business solutions. For existing customers, SAP NetWeaver will come as part of new releases, and, as such, is not a replacement of technology, but rather part of a customer’s regular upgrade process.

Secondly, customers can use SAP NetWeaver selectively as building blocks to solve specific integration needs. Thirdly, customers can leverage SAP NetWeaver as their strategic integration and application platform to unlock new value from their existing heterogeneous systems.