SAP Expands Offerings for Indonesian Small and Midsize Businesses

Six Indonesian Partners to Offer Industry-Specific, Integrated Software, Hardware and Services Solutions for SMBs

Jakarta, IndonesiaSAP Indonesia today announced industry specific-solutions for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) in partnership with SAP’s Technology Partners and made available through six Indonesia channel partners. The SAP offerings are designed to meet the return on IT (ROIT) demands of today’s Indonesian SMBs with flexible pricing starting at US$150,000, including software, hardware, implementation and training, and short implementation timeframes, ranging from 100 to 150 days. The mySAP™ All-in-One solutions being delivered by the six Indonesian partners combine SAP’s expertise in 23 vertical industries with the partners’ local industry knowledge to meet the specific needs of SMBs in Indonesia.

SAP’s Technology Partners, including Cisco, HP, IBM, Sun, and others, will invest up to US$1 million in each SMB local partner in the first two years to support, develop and market customized SAP solutions and program for the Indonesia SMB market. The local partners, part of SAP’s vertical solutions reseller (VSR) partner network, include Astra Graphia, IMC Consulting Alliance, Magnus, Metrodata, Perdana Consulting and SDI Technologies. The partners will be leveraging this investment to provide customers in Indonesia with rapid implementation of business software solution in various industries, such as automotive, consumer goods, consumer goods mills-packaging, mills-packaging chemical, retail & mills-textile, pharmaceutical, etc. Each of the partners will participate in extensive SAP training programs and sign quality of service agreement to guarantee that customers receive the same standard of service set by SAP.

“A key element of our strategy and commitment to SMBs in Indonesia is our understanding that SMBs need localized, industry-specific business solutions that can solve some of the key challenges they are facing. With these new solutions, we aren’t shrinking big business solutions for smaller companies,” said Krish Datta, managing director, PT SAP Indonesia. “We’re working with experienced local partners to provide full-scale affordable solutions tailored to the specific needs of SMBs in Indonesia. With the right combination of industry expertise and partners, we believe we will be able to address some of the key business pains facing SMBs and offer them the right size solution at the right price with the right implementation time, so they too can run their business as efficiently as big businesses.”

“What distinguishes an SMB is not the size of its business but the industry in which it operates,” said Singgih Wandojo, senior solution manager, SAP Indonesia. “That is why SAP is working with partners to provide industry-focused, easy to implement and affordable solutions that will provide a quick ROI for SMBs. By working with technology partners and qualified local partners who share our commitment to SMBs and offer industry specific expertise, SAP can deliver long-term value by growing with its customers.”

mySAP All-in-One is intended for companies with as few as ten users, which require a high degree of industry-specific functionality yet also need cost-effective, quick-to-implement solutions. Drawing on industry best practices, these vertical out-of-box solutions are customized by SAP channel partners to meet specific SMB market needs. This repackaged functionality enables SMBs to quickly and easily manage their financials, human resources, supply chain, customer relationships, and other key business processes.

This move by SAP comes as IDC expects the small and medium enterprise (SME) market in Asia Pacific to grow at a combined annual growth rate of 18.5 percent until 2004, making it the fastest growing segment of the IT industry. In Indonesia alone, there are more than 100,000 companies in this segment. Already more than half of SAP’s Asia Pacific customers are SMBs, defined by SAP as companies with revenues below US$ 70 million.